Tap Into Luxury Décor Trends When You Save With Cheap Home Furniture

Tap Into Luxury Décor Trends When You Save With Cheap Home Furniture

If you think that the luxury interior design style is outside your reach, you couldn’t be more wrong. Many people mistake the term “luxury” for “expensive,” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, luxury is about how you feel when you are in the room. Do you feel like royalty? Do you feel like a movie star? Or perhaps you dream of more sophisticated surroundings. 

The top traits that make furniture and décor fall within the luxury umbrella are those items that are:

  • Beautiful
  • Timeless
  • Comfortable
  • Elegant

In short, luxury interior design prioritizes experience first, tailored to the person or family that will be using the space. This makes the luxury styles that everyone craves suddenly affordable. 

What interior design styles are best for a luxurious home?

Luxury itself isn’t much of a descriptor for interior design. In truth, there are many different interior design styles that can create that luxurious look and feel. Traditional or heirloom furniture is made of polished solid hardwoods, and it is designed to last for more than a lifetime. These stately furnishings definitely make you feel as though you are in the lap of luxury.

Teens and young adults will love the glam look. The glam interior design style is all about being flashy but comfortable, the perfect environment for luxury furniture and home accessories. Mirrored fronts to drawers on the dresser, nightstand, and/or vanity are popular. So are thin, lightweight gold accents on smaller stools, benches, and other small furnishings.

The art deco look of the 20s never seems to fade, but you can take it to an all-new level with luxury furnishings that are both more impressive and as traditional as the original art deco looks. Characterized by straight lines and sharp corners, most people think of black and white when discussing art deco, but in truth, it can be any two sharply contrasting colors. This gives you a very wide realm of possibilities when designing a cheap luxury living room or bedroom.

Finally, the modern luxury look is the one that most people think of today when they think of a luxurious bedroom. Modern luxury is all about the clean lines and sharp corners of the mid-to post-modern style, with very few curves, if any. When you blend that style with luxurious fabrics like velvet, faux fur, and leather, blended with gold and silver accents, it transforms your home into one worthy of the cover of any home magazine.

Cheap luxury home furniture and décor trends

When you can get cheap home furniture, it opens up your budget for the perfect home décor accessories. Items like rugs, accent tables, wall art, and houseplants can all be used to pull the furniture and décor of the room together into a cohesive whole. When you get cheap home furniture through online stores and clearance sales, you have more money to use to try some of these low-budget luxury accents for your room.

Specific furniture styles that fit the luxury home décor

There are some furnishings that naturally fit within a luxury home design. For example, in the bedroom you might have an upholstered headboard, perhaps even tufted for that added touch of luxury. Tufted accent chairs, velvet sofas, and other furniture can also bring a bit of refined elegance into the room.

Bedroom benches, accent chairs, sofas, and even dining chairs often use the nail head style, where the furniture tacks are very visible and part of the design. These are most common with leather upholstery, but you can also see them with other types of upholstery. The nailhead style has usually been linked with high-end rustic or farmhouse spaces, but you can use them efficiently in luxury rooms as well.

Soft textiles in complementary but contrasting colors and textures

One of the trends that have leaked over from the eclectic style into the other interior designs is the layering of different textures. More than just choosing complementary but stand-alone textiles, colors, prints, and patterns, play with layering cotton and wool, linen and silk, etc. The biggest focus here is that you want to choose soft fabrics and upholstery like velvet, plush, faux fur, microfiber, suede, or soft leather. 

Gold or silver accents

It is very easy to incorporate gold and silver accents throughout a room to give it an air of luxury at a low price. You can get accent chairs, side tables, accent tables, lighting, and more with gold and silver frames. Choose a sofa, loveseat, and/or accent chairs that include silver or gold in their design so that you can tie them in with the rest of the room.

Unique and/or ornate lighting options

You can really give a room some character just by adding some creative lighting. There is a wide range of lighting quality and designs, and you can be sure to find one that matches your budget. To continue the theme above, look for light fixtures that have those same gold or silver accents while the shade blends with the rest of the color scheme in the room. While you’re at it, get some silver or gold rope cords for your draperies as an additional tie-in to the rest of the room.

Creating a center focal point with statement wall art

Not everyone has a fireplace or other natural focal point in the room. If you aren’t sure what your focal point should be, choose any wall you like and make it work for you with statement wall art. A commissioned mural would be ideal for many people, but it is rarely within the realm of possibility. 

There are a lot of very large wall art prints and framed pieces that are actually fairly affordable. Sometimes buying a print and mounting it to a canvas frame is cheaper, and it makes for a quick and fun DIY project. You can also shop around your local art galleries and communities to support local artists. 


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