Stunningly Modern, High Gloss Kitchen Design in Norman, Oklahoma

Stunningly Modern, High Gloss Kitchen Design in Norman, Oklahoma

Located 20 miles south of downtown Oklahoma City is Norman, the third largest city in the State of Oklahoma and sixth best small U.S. city to live in, according to CNN’s Money Magazine in 2008.

With a lot of neighborhood tree-lined properties designed from a mixture of architectural styles dating back from 1903 to 1935, predominately in the style of a Bungalow or American Craftsman residence, renovations in the form of modernization is on the rise. With the booming rate of renos, the Norman Historic Preservation Commission has mandated that any external changes or repairs to homes in certain areas must first be approved by their officials.

For Edmond Kitchen & Bath LLC, they receive more approval than simply what officials have granted them because at The Pinnacle List we’re approving by showcasing their stunningly modern, frameless high gloss cabinetry kitchen design. With flush mounted appliances, flush countertop edges, and flush floor vents, this contemporary Norman residence received a luxurious upgrade that fits incredibly with modern luxury design in the 21st century.

This kitchen is seamless with its hidden outlets and thoughtful quarter spaces for organization. In fact, every detail was thought through, including the 4″ Nora Lighting LED recessed lights in the ceiling that have the capability of dimming over the kitchen’s grey color palette with light countertops and a glass backsplash.

Below is a collection of photos with further details about each space in this modernized kitchen by Edmond Kitchen & Bath LLC in Norman, Oklahoma.


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