How to Turn Your UK Property Into a Shoot Location for Professional Photos

How to Turn Your UK Property Into a Shoot Location for Professional Photos

A photographer might have a certain client who can get rather picky when it comes to the location of their photo shoot. The said client isn’t happy with having professional photo shoots done inside a traditional indoor photography studio. Instead, they’ve requested for their photographer to find a suitable location where they could have their photo shoot done. Meanwhile, you’re looking for a way to earn some extra cash on top of having a job so that you can send your kids to school or pay the bills. Because of this you’ve decided to give opening to professional photo shoots on your property a try. So how can you turn your property into a shoot location for professional photos?

1. Make sure that your property stands out to even get considered as a professional photo shoot location.

Remember that photography client from earlier? You’ll never know when they decide to choose your property as a location for their photo shoot.

Thus, you should ensure that your property looks good both inside and out and that anyone who visits it for the first time would instantly be in awe once they see it.

While some photography clients have very specific needs as to what they’re looking for in a property, here are some general considerations as to how your property can become chosen as a professional photo shoot location:

  • Your property shouldn’t have any parked vehicles in front of or anywhere near it.
  • Your property should ideally have huge rooms in it with lots of natural light.
  • Your property should be contemporary in style unless you’re aiming for it to get featured in period-style photo shoots.

2. Register your property with an established location agency.

However, the photography client from above wouldn’t be able to know at all that you’re opening up your property for professional photo shoots if it isn’t in a location library. The said reference is owned by a location agency who you’ll have to contact if you want to register your property as a location for commercial use.

You should make sure though that the location agency that you’ll be entrusting your property with has a license to scout for possible locations of professional photo shoots. One such location agency that you can consider registering your property with is Photoshoot Locations.

3. Ask your neighbors if they’re fine with your property getting turned into a professional photo shoot location.

Once you’ve successfully registered your property with a location agency, you should expect a photography crew to use it as their temporary shelter while they’re doing a professional photo shoot in it. The same group of people might use certain equipment which can generate a lot of noise.

You should thus consult your neighbors first if they’re OK with having a photography crew running around your property before registering it with a location agency so you won’t receive any noise complaints afterward.


If your property gets used as a professional photo shoot location, you can expect to get paid as much as 500 British pounds per day. All you’ll need to do is follow the above-listed tips on how to turn your property into a shoot location for professional photos. You might find yourself surprised if someone tells you that the background of a photo they’ve seen somewhere looks eerily familiar.


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