Striking Kitchen Ideas For Palm Beach, Florida Homes

Striking Kitchen Ideas For Palm Beach, Florida Homes

The homes in Palm Beach, Florida come in outstanding styles such as the American Four Style, Monterey, Georgian Revival, and Mediterranean Revival.

The homes look luxurious, and as such, they require a grand kitchen. Some of the kitchen ideas that you might explore for your lovely home in Palm Beach include changing the cabinetry, outstanding lighting, and high-quality appliances.

If you have an older house with a traditional kitchen, you can remodel it. It is possible to make it pop and look like something that you would find in a lifestyle magazine.

Try some of the ideas below:

Amazing cabinetry

Because the kitchen cabinets are large, they are the most noticeable feature, perhaps only second to the kitchen island.

Therefore, they set the pace for all the other kitchen appliances and furniture. If you get the cabinetry wrong, you will get everything else wrong!

If you outfit them in eye-popping colors, they will add a wow effect in your kitchen. Go all out on this important feature. Check the imported kitchens magazines to get ideas for minimalist and sustainable cabinetry.

The best cabinetry for your kitchen should come in a minimalist design. Today, many Palm Beach homeowners go for the Scandinavian cabinets, because of their simplistic, yet warm and functional designs.

Minimalist cabinetry does not look overwhelming. Instead, it integrates seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen furniture and appliances.

Consider an open-style kitchen

This design is definitely not for small homes or apartments. But if you have a large home, consider going for the open design kitchen.

The open style makes the kitchen a multi-purpose living space. It can have a sit-in area for guests and family to sit down. It will have a cooking area and enough sitting space.

The open style makes it look more spacious and luxurious even when it is not. If it has large, full-length windows with a lot of light, it really looks incredible. When the window is open, the kitchen looks as if it is a continuation of the larger outdoor space.

A built-in fridge wins all the time

The fridge is one of the largest, most noticeable features in the kitchen. But this can change if you integrate it with the kitchen.

A built-in fridge leaves a lot of floor space to spare in your kitchen. It also looks really cool and in place.

While modern fridges look awesome in design, they look too “sticky-out” in your kitchen. This is why you need to insist that it be built-in so that it integrates with every other design aspect of the kitchen.

Any other appliance that can be integrated into the kitchen should be built-in. This includes the microwave and the cooker.

The best integration should be included from the very first stages of the kitchen plan. Trying to integrate the fridge later could cause serious anomalies in the design.

High-quality flooring

Flooring is such a big deal for any room in the home. But in the kitchen, you need to pay special attention for the following reasons:

  • The kitchen floor sees more foot traffic in a day than most other rooms in the home
  • The floor should be easy to clean because the kitchen is a place of spills
  • There is heat and high humidity all the time in the kitchen

Some options for kitchen flooring include vinyl, hardwood, concrete, or even bamboo, to name a few.

The color for the floor should work well with the rest of the decor. If the color of the floor pairs neatly with that of the cabinets, the rest of the interior decor aspects fit in very well.

Choose the right countertops

The countertops are just as important as the kitchen cabinets, once again, because of their large, attention-capturing size.

There are four main things that you should not spare any cost on for your kitchen. These are the flooring, the cabinetry, the countertop, and the appliances.

The best materials for countertops include granite, quartz, and wood. The top will see a lot of abuse and spillage, so you should not skimp on the quality. 

Consider the color carefully. It should fit in with the color of the flooring and of the cabinetry.

Buy high-quality appliances

No matter how good the kitchen of your Palm Beach home looks, if you have low-quality appliances, the kitchen will not be functional.

If you will use your kitchen space to cook and to entertain guests, the appliances need to be of very high quality.

If you have a large space, play around with many functions in mind. Add a coffee bar and a wine rack.

Go for luxury appliances such as cooktops, ranges, steam ovens, and regular ovens. They will never look out of place.

If you choose high-performance appliances well, you only buy once. They are designed to last decades, in superb shape. Don’t hesitate to spend a good amount of money on them.

Wrapping it up

There are hundreds of ideas for kitchens, but you cannot implement all of them. Whatever aspects of kitchen design you choose, remember to install excellent lighting.

The overhead lighting commonly used in many kitchens does not appeal anymore. Try LED strips under the counter. The integrated lighting style also works superbly. These lights are built into the cabinetry, and in the drawers, and some are installed close to the cooking area. Consider modern faucets, a neat pantry, and most importantly, a high-quality kitchen island.


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