Shine Bright – 7 Key Benefits of LED Lighting

Shine Bright - 7 Key Benefits of LED Lighting

Energy use is projected to rise by nearly 50% by 2050. With that growth comes concerns of rolling brown/blackouts and never before seen levels of pollution.

Part of the solution to this massive problem may be something as simple as understanding the benefits of LED lighting and buying into the ever-improving technology. Below, we break down seven of the most outstanding advantages one can enjoy through LED light.

1. Less Energy Usage

At the top of our list of benefits of LED lighting is its most pragmatic advantage – lower energy usage. On average, LED bulbs use around 90% less electricity than an equivalently sized incandescent bulb.

This largely offsets the additional costs you may pay picking up an LED over a legacy source of lighting.

2. Safer Operation

If you’ve ever grabbed a legacy light bulb after it had been on for a while, you know first-hand how much that can burn. Sometimes, that heat can lead to devastating fires.

LED bulbs produce next to no heat, are generally safe to the touch, and pose virtually no fire risk.

3. Increased Brightness

You’d think that less heat and energy means poorer brightness but that’s not at all the case. If an LED bulb and an incandescent bulb use the same amount of energy, the LED would appear about 5-times brighter.

4. Longer Lasting

Less energy use means less wear and tear on your LED bulb. That decreased stress creates conditions where LED bulbs can shine for years.

The average LED light has a lifespan of about 60,000 hours. Compare that to the 1500-2000 hours that incandescent bulbs feature.

5. Greener Manufacturing

Not only do LED bulbs save the environment via decreased energy usage but they also help during their manufacturing process.

LED’s don’t use toxic materials like neon or other filament gases. They use a small chip that’s housed in an epoxy enclosure which leaves a much smaller carbon footprint.

6. Color Flexibility

One of the primary reasons why people aren’t fans of LED bulbs in their homes is because of the white, sports lights look they generally have. What those people may not know is that LED lighting comes in a variety of colors that can be much softer and more flattering.

Look no further than the color-changing “Hue” bulbs Phillips sells to see just how flexible LED color can be.

7. Improving Technology

Every year, we’re seeing new improvements made to LED lights that expand our benefits of LED lighting list. These improvements are not being made to legacy lighting sources which make LED the clear-cut bulb of the future!

Enjoying All of the Benefits of LED Lighting Is Just a Mindset Shift Away

As you’ve hopefully learned, there are ample benefits of LED lighting one can enjoy. The best part is that to cash in on LED’s value, all you have to do is shift your mind away from purchasing energy that’s cheaper at checkout and instead, purchase energy that’s cheaper over time.

We’re confident that once you switch to LED lighting, you’ll never look back!

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