Sell My Los Angeles Home Fast – Essential Tips To Get You Started

Sell My Los Angeles Home Fast - Essential Tips To Get You Started

Some people want to sell their current home to move to a larger one. While others want to get rid of extra property instead of spending money on its upkeep. Regardless of the reason for the house sale, everyone wants to go through a straightforward and quick process to maximize their time and effort.

While there may be intense competition in the Los Angeles housing market these days, there are things that you can do to sell your home fast, such as:

1. Look for Cash Home Buyers

Cash home buyers, like John Medina Buys Houses, focuses on quick transactions, which is particularly beneficial if you urgently need the funds. Typically, these companies purchase your property as it is, which means that you don’t have to spend more money on staging and making the necessary repairs to your residence.

The primary advantage of this type of buyer is that you receive the cash immediately after closing, which shortens the waiting time for you as the seller. Plus, you get to choose the schedule to give you time to settle your next residence before you move out of your current home.

2. Studying the Market

In promoting your property on online platforms, you should understand the current housing market first, especially for your area. Determine when the best times are to publish your listing. Generally, there are more buyers during the spring season than in winter, so you may want to hold off the sale when the demand is higher.

Of course, you also have to consider the price of your property. Study how much other houses cost in your neighborhood and set the cost accordingly.

If you’re really looking to sell your home quickly, you may want to set it lower than the average value to entice more buyers. However, don’t price it too low. Your prospects may think that your house has a significant issue because of the rashness by which you’re trying to get rid of the property.

3. Hiring a Professional Photographer

In today’s digital world, the photos on your listing will be the buyer’s first view of your home. Entice them by posting images that put your property in the best possible light.

An excellent way to do this is by enlisting the help of a professional photographer that specializes in real estate photos. They know the right angles and lighting that can showcase the beauty of your home, especially its best features.

These professionals also study the right time to schedule the shoot so that you can take advantage of natural light. Plus, they can help in staging your home to impress potential buyers and motivate them to book an appointment to look at your property.

4. Preparing Your Home for Viewing

Once you’ve published your listing online, you should immediately make your home ready for viewing. This means that you should make the necessary home improvements to boost your property’s curb appeal, especially with Los Angeles standards.
These are the things that you should do to prepare your home for viewing:

  • Declutter – Clean up your space and pack away items that you don’t use on a daily basis. Find a place to store out-of-season clothing, shoes, books, and décor to keep it off of your property while you’re planning to sell it.
  • Depersonalize – The ultimate point of allowing potential buyers to view your home is to give them the chance to imagine themselves residing in it. That’s why you ought to remove personal things, such as family photos, personal documents, and mail, to keep the space neutral.
  • Rearrange – The current arrangement of your furniture and other appliances may be more for function and efficiency than aesthetic. Rearranging and removing some of your furnishings can help you take advantage of a room’s dimensions to make the area appear more comfortable.
  • Repair – Lastly, fix any problems that’ll discourage potential buyers, like cracks on the walls or a leaking faucet. These things are noticeable and annoying, so you should resolve the issue immediately.

5. Making the Deal More Enticing

If you don’t have the liberty to lower the price because you need the money, you can find other ways to sweeten the deal. You can offer a shorter closing time, like within a month or two, to entice homebuyers who urgently need a place to stay.

Another way is to give them a transferable home warranty, which acts as insurance for appliances that encounter technical issues. This can save the buyer 300 USD to 400 USD for a policy that’s good for one year.


By following these tips, you can sell your home quickly and effortlessly. Look for cash buyers who focus on straightforward transactions. Moreover, study the market and get a professional photographer to take beautiful imagery of your property before you publish your listing.

Prepare your house for viewing and, to entice more buyers, find ways to sweeten the deals by offering additional perks.



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