Safe-to-Use Kitchen Gears in the House with Small Kids

Safe-to-Use Kitchen Gears in the House with Small Kids

The kitchen is the most important yet hazardous place in your home. And, you have to be even more precautious if you have kids. Most kids in their growing age happen to be more curious and adventurous.

This innate curiosity of the kids leads them to make many mischiefs that they find fun for them, while they are unaware of the harmful consequences. In such circumstances, it is essential to find ways to avoid any such scenarios.

In order to avoid any mishap from happening, you must childproof your kitchen by installing kitchen gears that are safe to use with kids in your house.

Following are the kitchen gears that you can install in your house that are safe to use:

1. Induction Ranges

Inductions ranges offer more safety than gas or electric ones. There are multiple reasons for saying that.

For example, induction ranges do not have any open flame or heating element, and they do not get that much hot, which reduces the risks of accidental burns if your kid tries to reach out for the burners in your absence.

Another worth mentioning point is that induction burners turn themselves off automatically when the pot is taken off, thus decreasing the chances of leaving a burner on by mistake.

For a more detailed review of the induction ranges, read “the 7 best induction ranges of 2021“.

2. A Knife Sheath

A knife sheath is a must-have with kids in the house. Kids can harm themselves badly if they get their hands on your sharp knives. So, you must cover your knives with a sheath in order to protect yourself as well as your kids from dangerous cuts.

Knife sheaths are also very easy to slide off and put back on. They are also safe for your dishwasher. Another bonus for covering your knives is that you’ll not have to sharpen them often.

3. Non-slip Kitchen Mat

A Non-slip kitchen mat is yet another essential thing to add to your kitchen that will increase the safety for your kids to move freely without the fear of falling down. How? Let me explain.

Kids usually come running after their mothers into the kitchen and are very likely to fall down because the floor may get wet at times while you’re busy doing different chores.

But, if you put a non-slip mat at the places, you feel that water droplets can make the floor slippery like under the washbasin, you can prevent that from happening.

4. Splatter Guard

You won’t want your kid to burn themselves if they come near some boiling water or frying oil while you are making their favorite dishes, right?

To prevent any such mishap from happening, you can use a very useful kitchen gear called the frying pan splatter guard. It will prevent the droplets of burning oil or water from touching your or your kids’ skin if they come near to you while you’re cooking.

5. Appliance Lock

An appliance lock is a must-have in a house with kids. An appliance lock secures your drawers and other appliances like refrigerator, microwave oven, or dishwasher shut, protecting the kids from getting any harm. This small kitchen gear serves a significant purpose!

6. Food Processors

Using a food processor is way better than using a manual box grater as it offers more safety for you and your kids. You know how to use it safely, but your kids don’t.

Kids of age six or less tend to be very curious to know how everything works. So, while you are working, they might be planning to imitate you.

Food graters have extremely sharp blades that can be very dangerous for your kids if they reach them. So, it’s better to prevent anything like that from happening by using a food processor instead of a box grater.

7. Espresso Machines

All the coffee machines are generally safe to use if you keep an eye on hygiene. But, in case you have your attention diverted, you must switch to an espresso machine like the Jura Z8 espresso machine that is easy to maintain and is also BPA-free. All of these health benefits make it safe to use.

Also, don’t forget to place it where your kids’ hands can’t reach it.

8. Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is way better than a manual mixer as it offers low maintenance, does not make the kitchen messy, is safe to use, and you can do multitasking while it does its job.

9. Tapered Rolling Pins

Tapered rolling pins are very basic and safe to use kitchen tools. Typically, they are 18 inches in size, and their functionality is not just limited to rolling doughs. You can use them to crush nuts, tenderize the meat, and shape pie and cake fillings.


The kitchen is one of the most important parts of any house, and if not maintained properly, it can be hazardous too. Having kids in the house, you must be even more cautious as their curiosity can lead them to harmful consequences.

Some experts even say that the kitchen should be eliminated from the house, but that is an impossible thing to do. What is possible is to eliminate any dangerous kitchen gears and replace them with ones that are safe to use.

Such as the induction ranges instead of gas or electric ones, using low maintenance tools so that you don’t have to worry about maintaining them, which spares you time to keep an eye on your kids’ actions and do other tasks.

Another pro tip for your kids’ safety is to put any harmful chemicals or liquids such as detergents (that your kids can ingest) in cupboards and lock them with the appliance lock. Also, consider replacing your old tools that have sharp blades like the box graters with the food processors. Doing this will not only keep your children safe from getting any cuts but also save you a lot of time!


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