Replacement of Windows and Doors in Canada – Tips and Case Studies

Replacement of Windows and Doors in Canada - Tips and Case Studies

You see and pass them by every single day, right? It goes without saying that modern doors and windows play more than just the aesthetic role for most homes here in Canada.

Proper windows & doors should increase airflow, energy efficiency and improve the exterior of your house. Do you think it is time to upgrade your old units? We got in touch with Ecoline, Canadian window and door replacement experts, and prepared this brand-new guide with a few tips and case studies on how to go about the replacement process.

Why Should You Consider Replacing Your Windows and Doors?

When it comes to projects that will help you recoup your investments, window & door replacement is at the top of the list. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider giving your old units an upgrade.


Other than becoming a pain in the neck, windows that do not open or close properly should be replaced immediately. 

In most instances, these windows are compromised and do very little considering efficiency and comfort. Remember, comfort goes hand in glove with safety, so any window that isn’t operable can pose safety hazards for your family.

Curb appeal

Aesthetics is often placed at the bottom of the list as far as window and door replacement is concerned. However, if you are looking to sell your house and probably make a significant profit, consider replacing your windows with newer models. You will be surprised how many potential buyers are attracted to what they see. 

Energy efficiency

If cold drafts find their way into your living space, then it is time to consider changing your units, especially windows. 

New units, especially Energy Star-rated, will help to cut on energy bills, at the same time, providing you with maximum comfort even if you are living in an area with harsh Canadian weather.

Easy Maintenance

If you are one of those who have old wooden window frames that require too much maintenance, then consider replacing them.

Modern window frame models make use of Vinyl as the preferred material. Not only is vinyl light in weight, but also they require little to no maintenance whatsoever.

Furthermore, modern window styles have convenient cleaning features, for instance, the smart tilt feature. You will be able to clean your windows regardless of the floor or story you are at.

Popular Window Styles

With so many window styles here in Canada, how do you choose the right one for you? Here are some of the popular windows in the country to give you an idea of what to go for.


These windows operate similar to a door. They have hinges on one side, making them operable by simply pushing to the outside. 

Typical price range: 523$ – 953$


Different from casement windows, awnings have hinges on the top. 

They open from the bottom bringing in enough ventilation while at the same time offering protection from the precipitation outside. 

They are usually used together with larger windows and are placed high up the walls for privacy.

Typical price range: 493$ – 1161$

Sliding windows

These types of windows are usually longer than they are wide. They open horizontally by sliding thanks to the sashes that allow back and forth movement. 

There is a vertical variation to this type of window that operates opposite to its horizontal counterparts.

Typical price range: 328$ – 1637$

Single-hung windows

This is the most common type of window here in Canada, especially for new homes. Here, the bottom sash moves vertically while the upper remains stationary. 

A majority of homeowners love them since they are relatively cheaper than the double-hung counterparts. 

Typical price range: 541$ – 1093$

What to consider before settling for any window?

Energy Efficiency

This is a feature that every homeowner in Canada ought to pay close attention to. Energy-efficient windows will allow you to achieve a comfortable room temperature in your house while lowering your utility bills. 

Up to 40% of heat lost from houses does so through the windows. You should be critical of the window’s U value. Always ask beforehand to ensure you know exactly what you get. Go for windows with a lower U value since this means they are more resistant to heat loss. 


This term simply refers to the glass part of your window. Often you will hear of double and triple glazed windows. 

Now, when it comes to the battle of the panes, your choice should be informed by the weather of your location. Double glazed windows essentially have 2 glasses for the windowpane and work quite well for regions with fair weather. 

On the other hand, triple glazed windows have got three glasses and are better at thermal insulation as compared to single and double glazed windows. However, keep in mind that triple glazing is usually 10-15% more expensive.


There are several framing materials in the market. However, the most common materials in the country are wood and Vinyl. These materials are considerably better than the rest because of their energy efficiency characteristics. 

  1. Wood is perfect for keeping the cold outside and vice versa. However, wooden frames require maintenance to keep their aesthetics. 
  2. On the other hand, Vinyl is a relatively modern material that is slowly becoming a favorite to many. Not only is it significantly cheaper, but it also requires little maintenance. As far as insulation and energy efficiency are concerned, Vinyl is better than wood.

Proper Installation

It is essential to mention that any window is as good as its installation. Even the most expensive window panes and frames will not work well if installed incorrectly. Look for a company you can trust and have them do the job for you.

Choosing the Right Company

Window replacement is a huge project that should only be given to trusted professionals. What to keep in mind:

  • Reputation is vital. Only trust your replacement needs to companies with a proven and verifiable track record. 
  • Check the warranty. It should cover all the issues you might have with your new units.
  • Make sure the company follows CSA guidelines and local building codes
  • Ask if their products are Energy Star-rated and NAFS-11 tested.

Case Study from Ecoline Windows 

To make it more transparent for you regarding prices, configuration and windows look, we asked Ecoline Windows to send us a recent case study.

One of the clients contacted them online, requesting a virtual quote to replace their old and high maintenance window with new sliders. The configuration selected looks as follows:

AwningEnergy GainFolding HandleTriple GlazeArgon7-10 weeks delivery$1000 – $1200

Source: Ecoline Windows


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