Why Are Homeowners Opting In For Wall Stencils To Decorate Their Room?

Why Are Homeowners Opting In For Wall Stencils To Decorate Their Room?

The latest studies and research suggest that most people love patterned statement walls than the generic one-color painted walls. Patterned walls can boost the room style and make a huge impact. 

But there is a downside. There are ample hassles in using wallpaper. Here you need to prepare the wall and then pay a person to get it installed for you, till such time you are an expert at it yourself, and you have mastered the DIY tricks. Also, if there comes a time when you feel like changing the room dรฉcor, you have to get the wallpaper removed. And that might take you an entire weekend. Not many homeowners want to go through this labor and hassle. 

So, is there a solution? Is there a way to get a statement look on your wall that will cost you the money and time that a wallpaper does? Yes, there is. You can opt-in for theย wall stencilย art.

Simply put, the wall stencils offer you a stunning look and pattern with zero hassles. 

Reasons to make use of wall stencils

Are you planning to opt-in for wall stencil art? If yes, then you need to weigh and assess its benefits. Here are the crucial ones:

1. Itโ€™s cost-effective

In case you wish to cover a vast space in your wall using printed or patterned wallpaper, it will cost you immensely. According to the latest reports, the average cost that the homeowners end up spending to install a wallpaper is between $345 and $440. Remember, thatโ€™s only the installation. There is cost involved with the wallpaper as well. And the cost has a chance to increase. 

On the other hand, the process of wall stencil art is a cost-efficient option that will provide a similar look as the wallpaper. You could be searching for a geometric pattern or a classic art design, but the stencils are available for $50. It might cost you some extra money if you want someone else to implement the stencil wall art for you. However, you need to pay less when you learn how to do it yourself. 

2. There is less commitment

Most wallpapers are durable, and it works as a permanent solution. Hence, it takes a lot to remove them. Itโ€™s not possible to take it off by peeling the layer. You will have to devote hours to scrap the paper from the wall. However, when you use a stencil, it allows you to change the dรฉcor style easily. And investing in stencil wall art means less of a commitment. Just in case you opt-in for a stencil wall art and want to change things later, all you need to do is paint the wall. 

3. No scope for moisture

You will have to deal with moisture in the kitchen or bathroom with wallpaper. Here stencil wall art is a good option because it won’t get the humidity and also not get peeled off from the wall. 

These are a few reasons for which most homeowners today opt-in for a wall stencil art instead of wallpaper for decorating their rooms.


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