Reasons to Invest in Luxury Real Estate in Belek, Turkey

Reasons to Invest in Luxury Real Estate in Belek, Turkey

The spectacular Antalya region is Turkey’s tourism centre, and for good reason. Balmy Mediterranean weather, lively cultures, and unparalleled natural beauty make it an ideal destination. Such are its charms that people don’t want to leave, and decide to stay on indefinitely. 

Within this region, the small seaside town of Belek has emerged as a giant in real estate investments. Through concerted efforts by several Govt. Ministries to establish alternative tourism, Belek is now on the global map as a classic golf destination. 

What was once a quiet town has grown into an exciting hub of premium championship golf courses, luxury golf resorts, and swanky private properties along the beachfront. 

Belek’s universe expands beyond golf, however. Those who don’t follow the sport can find alternative spaces to call home. Belek is part of the rich history, landscape, and culture surrounding Antalya. There is room for everyone here.

If you need help dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, a trusted real estate provider in Turkey can make your dream home in Belek a reality. With an invaluable experience of 17 years in the market, the people at Tolerance Homes can offer you some of the best property listings in Belek:

While the thought of buying a property in Belek might seem daunting, there’s good news. The government actively invites real estate investments from both locals and foreign nationals alike. Property buyers are cashing in on this favourable investment climate for several reasons:

Excellent Property Rates

Belek’s popularity as a golfing destination has surpassed even Portugal’s legendary Algarve. Hotels and resorts cashed in on the surging interest in golfing tourism in Belek at unbeatable property prices. The real estate market remains attractive and ensures great returns on people’s investments.

Property owners could also explore offering exclusive rentals for their high-end properties during the summer.

Golf, Sand, and Sea

The development of championship golf courses paved the way for the construction of residential properties, villas, townhouses, and apartments nearby. Golf remains one of the most attractive selling points for property-buyers. However, Belek’s appeal extends beyond the sport to its relaxed beach town vibes and amazing outdoor living along the Mediterranean coast.

Luxury Real Estate

With Belek firmly established as a hub of golfing tourism, the demand for property has sky-rocketed. Golf enthusiasts across the world are making their way here not only as fans or athletes but also as luxury property buyers.

With 5 champion golf courses and prestigious international golf competitions, Belek is a property investment gem along the Turkish Riviera. Villas, apartments, and houses in Belek are the epitome of luxury. 

These luxe properties are sea-facing or come with expansive views of the golf courses. Some villas and houses also come with central swimming pools and added perks of a membership to the nearest golf course.

Budget properties

While Belek is primarily a real estate hub for luxury and elite buyers, it also offers fantastic mid-sized apartments and budget property options as well. 

Belek was once a quiet, seaside town. Remnants of this history are scattered across the town’s mid-size affordable apartments – not too far away from the glitzy and ultra-luxurious golf and seafront neighbourhoods.

Buyers receive fantastic deals and value for their currency on these affordable properties in Belek. Projected to only grow bigger, the real estate possibilities in Belek are excellent and the time to invest is now.


As a niche golfing hub for players and fans across the globe, flying into Belek is easy courtesy the buzzing Antalya International Airport at a distance of just 30 km away. Overall, the Antalya region has one of the best and efficient transport services in all of Turkey. 


Not a golf fan? There’s no cause for worry since Belek offers a plethora of recreational activities for non-golfers as well.

Long before Belek established itself as a golf destination, it was known primarily for some of the most stunning beachfront in the Antalya region. The beauty of these pristine beaches remains intact.

The beaches in Belek have also seen huge investments over the years. Visitors can try their hand at sailing, windsurfing, or a thrilling water ski ride. They could also unwind and enjoy a delicious meal at several restaurants and bars near the seaside.

One could also choose to find a spot in the quieter corners of the Belek coastline, and journey back to the charming Belek of old.

Belek also has a popular dolphin aquarium where visitors can observe sea lions and swim with the dolphins. Another popular destination is the Troy Aqua Park, considered to be the largest water park in the region.  


Belek’s centre is an exciting urban hub that offers a variety of experiences for everyone. Explore several supermarkets and shops selling everything, from everyday necessities to jewellery, souvenirs, and leather goods.

If you like your markets quaint and intimate, the town of Kadriye offers a quieter, more personalised experience that one can only find in small towns. There aren’t as many stores, but you will find everything you’re looking for in a great shopping experience. The Tuesday markets in Kadriye are particularly special, and should not be missed.

Natural Beauty

There’s more to Belek than just the beaches, as stunning as they are. Venture away from the sea towards the magnificent Taurus mountains, gorgeous pine forests, gentle hills, and groves of eucalyptus.

Belek’s fantastic green cover is an ideal contrast to an otherwise urban oasis – and a perfect escape for those who prefer to commune with nature.

Belek is a beautiful beach town that promises an exciting and diverse lifestyle, whether you’re a golf lover or not. With some of Turkey’s best developers working in the region, the fantastic properties in Belek are some of the most sought-after in the country. Take the plunge and be one of the first to own a dream home in Belek.


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