Real Estate Tips – Selling Your New Jersey House Fast To An Investor

Real Estate Tips - Selling Your New Jersey House Fast To An Investor

A lot of people are doing their best to get into the real estate investment world today. They are coming to realize that it is one of the best ways to secure their financial future and the real estate market in almost every location is seeing increased investment interest for exactly that reason. Over the long run it has proven to be much safer than other options like stocks, which can be pretty volatile. However real estate is a demand-based investment asset that is heavily dependent on its location. However, if you’re trying to sell property in a state like New Jersey, though, things might get a bit complicated. Most likely, your best option will be to sell it to an investor.

In this article, we will share some tips to help you sell your New Jersey home fast to an investor.

Declutter and clean

Nothing can be as off-putting as a potential buyer viewing a messy or unclean house. At best, you will get a much lower offer than you’re expecting if that is the case, and this is why the overall condition of the house is the first thing you need to take care of. For starters, you need to declutter. Get rid of any objects you don’t need and clear the crowded rooms of all the clutter so you could have a good idea of what you’ll be keeping. Next, you need to really clean the place. It is usually advisable to get professionals to get the job done right. You can get them to deal with the entire, cleaning everything from the kitchen counters to fireplace mantels and the inside of your closets. That way, you make sure that any potential buyer who comes around to view the property will see that it is clean and well kept, so always be sure to follow easy ways to declutter your home.

Hire a real estate agent

The simple truth is, that your chances of selling your home fast and for a good price are exponentially better with a real estate agent than on your own. They simply know their way around the market, and this is their trade at the end of the day. So, regardless of what you think, hiring one will always make the process of selling your home to an investor or an average buyer much easier. You should do some thorough research online to find a licensed realtor that is a local market expert in your area. Always look for real estate agents with a lot of positive customer testimonials, because it’s a great way to determine how other past clients view them which goes a long way.

Find a home buying service

A home buying service can be a good option in some circumstances. if you really need guaranteed money fast, then this is probably your best one. These services sometimes buy property in as little as seven days and they also don’t have closing fees, all you have to do is do a quick online search for these services in your area. For people living in New Jersey, they will come across many websites that announce we buy houses NJ. These services usually give quotes in a matter of hours and are usually willing to buy property fast. It gets even better if liquidity is what you’re after as most of these companies pay in cash, so that is definitely something you need to consider.

Make the house impersonal

Another thing that might be very discouraging for a lot of potential buyers is if they walk into a house and find it extremely personalized. You need to get rid of anything related to you or your family, because that will help people see the place for what it really is. That means getting rid of family photos, weird artwork, religious icons, political statements, and anything else that is a really personalized item for the family. If you want to keep some accessories and souvenirs, make sure they are not personal but rather generic ones.


Why would anyone want to buy a property with busted pipes or a leaking roof? It doesn’t make any sense on the buyer’s end, nor does it make any sense on yours to try and sell it like this. Always take care of any obvious repairs before you even consider listing it, because it will even effect what a prospective real estate agent you are considering hiring would value your property at. These details truly do make the difference between being able to sell a house in a few weeks or alternatively not at all for the price you were hoping for.

Curb appeal

In case you don’t know it already, curb appeal matters, big time. It’s basically the first thing potential buyers notice when they view your property for the first time in person. It doesn’t take much effort to improve the curb appeal, but it makes a huge difference because you can’t really change a person’s first impression. Consider some small things such as repainting the front door and freshening up the front yard landscaping. The most important angle is from the front, so even if you don’t have a yard, you can plant flowers in new pots, which will make your front entrance look really elegant and attractive to any buyer.

Always be available for viewings

Investors are probably looking at multiple purchase options, and the slightest inconvenience would have them simply skip a place and move on to the next. This is why you need to make sure that your place is always available, and if a potential buyer wants to view it on short notice, go ahead and make it happen. That makes the process of viewing property much easier for buyers, and it’s encouraging for them since they might be able to squeeze in a visit amid their busy schedules. Making the place easily available will definitely make it stand out among the competition.

Consider reducing the price

Nobody wants to sell their property for anything less than what they feel they deserve, but unfortunately, sometimes that just won’t work. Sometimes the real estate market just isn’t doing very well, and you might need to compromise, whether you like it or not. Reducing the price of your property is actually a very good strategy that can speed up the sale and prevent your listing from going stale.


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