Real Estate Tips – Finding the Best DC Movers by the Hour with Cheap Moving Estimates

Real Estate Tips - Finding the Best DC Movers by the Hour with Cheap Moving Estimates

Are you relocating your home or office anytime soon in Washington, D.C.? If you’re moving within the same area, then it makes sense to hire professional movers who can charge by the hour to take the stress off your hands and to ensure that your important furniture and possessions are well-handled. 

Here are some tips to help you find the best movers with reasonably priced estimates.

1. Get recommendations

As with almost any service purchased today, the first step is often to ask for recommendations from family, friends, and neighbors if they know of an affordable mover in Washington, D.C. There’s a good chance that someone you know has had experience with a local mover and has experiences and their own research that they can share with you.

2. Research your options 

Putting together a list of potential moving companies with a simple online search is just the start. Research each company by looking through online reviews and check out sites such as Yelp and Better Business Bureau. Also visit each company’s website and LinkedIn page to gather further information.

3. Home or office visit 

Many professional moving companies often make it a point to view the actual sites first before committing their quoted prices and scope of work. Others may just want to give you a quote over the phone of via email without even visiting your location. Obviously, any quote based on a site visit is probably more credible so if offered, take the time to have a site visit done.

4. Compare estimates

From your shortlist of potential movers, compile and tabulate the estimates that they have submitted together with their attached scope of work documents. Be sure to look at the estimates closely to make sure that the charges and rates are consistent. While evaluating their cost estimates, check to see if each company’s rates are transparent. Avoid companies that give vague terms and redundant fees. Many reputable companies usually have fixed price lists that are based on the following: 

  • Distance between the two locations for the move
  • Size of equipment required
  • Number of men needed for the project
  • Total work hours required by the move

Stay away from quotes that just determine a set total for the whole project, without itemized cost details. 

5. Packing experience and charges

Many moving companies have standard rates for their boxes, packing materials, and labor required for packing. Be sure to ask for these rates to be included in you quote in order to prevent being caught unaware of any extra costs. 

6. Insurance coverage

A moving company’s expertise and experience also factor in your choice. You want only expert people handling your belongings, not just to ensure that they complete the job in time, but also to prevent damage to your fragile equipment. Make sure that you understand what type of insurance is offered in the quote you receive. 

Transferring your office or moving from your current home to a new one in Washington, D.C. can be a stress-free experience if you take the time to find a reputable mover with affordable rates to get the job done. So, don’t just go with some company that someone mentioned. Make sure you take the time to find out everything you need to know to make an informed decision.


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