Rare Private Offering of Schulzewerder Island and Country Estate on Lake Lubie in Poland

Rare Private Offering of Schulzewerder Island and Country Estate on Lake Lubie in Poland

Over the last seven years, Schulzewerder Island has been a popular camping destination run by an Austrian family on Lake Lubie within the northwestern city of Zlocieniec, Poland.

Now the island is for sale, setting forth a unique opportunity for an affluent buyer to possibly repurpose, rebuild, and transform this 21-acre island into a luxury island estate in Poland’s country side – an ultra-rare feat to accomplish in Poland when you’re located 62 miles (100 km) away from the Baltic Sea, which connects to the Atlantic Ocean.

The closest major city to Zlocieniec is 156 miles (251 km) away, out of the country in Berlin, Germany while Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, is 295 miles (475 km) away.

Nestled on Lake Lubie with magnificent unspoiled landscapes of beautiful hills and forests, the private Schulzewerder Island is perfect for affluent nature lovers who enjoy the lifestyle of countryside escapism with leisure activities such as horseback riding, fishing, canoe trips, surfing, diving, sailing, and waterskiing.

Access to the lush island is provided by a private ferry that is included with the asking price of the island, along with a newly built pedestrian bridge. The price for this island is currently only available upon request, as per the owner’s specifications.

Schulzewerder Island havens all four seasons year-round. During the wintertime, the area is sparked with snowfall charm, effectively transforming Zlocieniec, Poland into a winter wonderland. When temperatures plummet well below the freezing mark, the lake will freeze over and attract both ice skaters and ice fishers.

With the Drawa River flowing through Lake Lubie, giving it its deep blue sea appearance, it’s no wonder why Schulzewerder Island has been a popular destination for campers all these years. The spectacular scenic views of rolling hills and lush green forests seen in any direction are what make this island a breathtaking property in the countryside of Poland.


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