Proven Online Marketing Tactics That Can Help Your Plumbing Business Grow Fast

Proven Online Marketing Tactics That Can Help Your Plumbing Business Grow Fast

The way people look for information has changed dramatically in recent years after the internet has become ubiquitous. When people need home services like plumbing, the most common method of locating someone who can come to your rescue is going online. It also means that plumbing businesses need to take a hard look at leveraging digital marketing to get exposure and grow fast. Some proven tactics for improving your online reach, generating more traffic to your website, increase conversions and revenue include:

Claim your Business on Google

The first step to establishing an online presence is to create a Google My Business (GMB) listing. It is a free service offered by Google, using which you can create a business listing online with all details of your business like contact information, address, hours of business, etc. Moreover, you can post details of your services together with images and videos. People searching online for plumbers near them can discover you easily and get to know all the details even before contacting you. If you keep your GMB profile updated, it is more likely your business will show up in local searches as well as Google’s 3-pack results. According to Search Engine Journal, the information should be accurate and consistent across all channels and listings.

Create a High-Quality Website

Since the amount of information available on your GMB listing is limited, you need to have a website to provide details of your business, the area of coverage, the services you deliver, your credentials, and more. For effective plumbing marketing, you can link the website to your GMB profile. Additionally, you can implement SEO to increase the visibility of your business to those performing online searches. The quality of your website is of utmost importance to show your level of professionalism and to instill trust among potential customers. A website is a great opportunity to showcase your skills and provide value-added information and how-to guides and demos on different aspects of plumbing.

Leverage Social Media to Drive Visibility and Engagement

Given the huge popularity of social media, plumbing businesses can benefit greatly by creating a vibrant account the most popular platforms used by their target audiences. You can subtly promote your business and establish your authority and credibility. Of course, you will need to put effort into creating relevant, detailed, value-added, original, and engaging content. Social media is great for engaging with your target audience. You can build brand awareness and loyalty in an informal way for lasting benefit. Additionally, if your budget permits, you can advertise on social media like Facebook using specific targeting criteria.


There is virtually no end to what you can do online to increase your brand awareness and build your credibility with target audiences. In addition to the above-mentioned tactics, you can search out the various online business listings and directories and submit your business details for listing. You can help establish your credibility by posting customer reviews and testimonials on your website and social media accounts, as well as using email marketing campaigns to engage people who have subscribed to your newsletters.


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