Protect Your Investment – What You Need To Know About Home Warranties

Protect Your Investment - What You Need To Know About Home Warranties

Are you thinking about obtaining your home warranty plan? There are some things that you need to know first. Some may find it an unnecessary fee, while some try to protect their budget. Homeowners can also purchase a home warranty plan to enhance the market value of their home. Some might think that they are played by their company, as they had different expectations. Read on and find out more about the crucial things!

Different from home insurance

Home insurance isn’t the same as a home warranty. A typical home insurance policy will cover damage from fire, flood, and other major issues. It is required in cases such as home loans. However, having a home warranty is optional. A home warranty is similar to the warranty from the manufacturer. The company that issued your plan is obligated to cover part of the cost for repairing or replacement of appliances and home systems.

Increases your home’s value

Do you plan to sell your home soon? This is one of the cases when you should obtain your home warranty plan. New homeowners are worried that the appliances and systems have already experienced wear and tear. This will give them a piece of mind.

Reviews are helpful

There are so many providers, struggling to get their share on the market. Don’t make a decision in a hurry. Take it slowly and read the reviews for your specific company. You might find out that the company doesn’t respond to service calls, or has quite a long turnaround time. Or, you can find out that they are responsive and have a team of professional technicians. That’s why it is very important that you check the AFC Home Club reviews.


The coverage depends on the plan that you choose. Basic plans will include plumbing, electrical systems, dishwasher, oven, water heater, exhaust fans. But, homeowners can also add AC, refrigerator, washer/dryer, pools, sauna/hot tub, garage door openers, and septic system.

Check if something is already covered

New appliances usually come with a manufacturer’s warranty. It will cover repairs for about a year, or even more. If most of your appliances are new, then you don’t really need to obtain a home warranty plan.

Convenience for you

We all hate it when something in the house needs reparation. You will need to look for trusted contractors in your area, which is especially difficult if you are new in the neighborhood. A home warranty will save you in these moments. All you need to do is to call your company or submit a claim online. They will send over a technician that will solve your problem.

Check your plan in detail

Companies will offer different plans for their customers. Before you agree to one, make sure that you go through it all. Some of them might have tricky conditions. The company won’t cover an appliance that wasn’t properly maintained, so you might be disappointed because you didn’t know this. Read the terms and conditions very carefully before you seal the deal.


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