Protect Your Home from Water Damage by Knowing What to Look Out For

Protect Your Home from Water Damage by Knowing What to Look Out For

As tropical storms increase and the weather becomes unpredictable, homeowners must stay extremely alert to protect their homes from water damage. The task is not easy, especially due to the uncertainties caused by the impact of climate changes that can cause flooding at any moment, mostly at unexpected times. Since you cannot control the elements of the weather, you might feel quite helpless in the event of sudden flooding that damages homes. Do not despair in such situations, but allow the flood water to subside and soon call upon Distinctive Restoration, a company in California that can restore your home perfectly after flood damage. Such is the quality of restoration jobs that nobody can make out that the house was underwater for some time. 

Besides natural calamities, plumbing and sewage leakages are the most common causes of water accumulation inside homes, and there are many ways to prevent it.

Pay attention to plumbing maintenance

Defects and damages to the plumbing system can result in burst pipes, which are the most common causes of flooding homes. Corroded pipes, high water pressure, clogging, and freezing temperatures can burst pipes. Therefore, keeping a close watch on your home’s plumbing system can help to avoid water accumulation inside the house. Also, you should always choose quality plumbing supply parts to minimize water accumulation.

Insulating pipes in places that experience extreme cold temperatures can prevent damage to pipes. Keeping an eye on the water removal rate through the drains or detecting changes in the pressure of water flowing from the outlets can provide warning signs of impending damage.

Maintain the appliances

Home appliances that use water are prone to leaks, and you must regularly inspect these to ensure that the plumbing system of the equipment is free from defects or damages. Stay vigilant and keep a close watch on the washing machine, ice maker, dishwasher, and garbage disposal by undertaking periodic inspections. Replacing the supply hoses at regular intervals, even if there is no damage, is a safe way to avoid any disaster. Placing the washing machine on a tray is helpful to prevent water from reaching the floors immediately if there is any leakage that goes unnoticed.

Roof Inspection

Although the chances of rain damaging your home are quite remote, you should not take any chances when it comes to roof maintenance. Never take the roof for granted, especially after it becomes a bit old, because the elements of weather cause wear and tear of the roofing materials. Missing or damaged shingles and damaged flashing can be harmful to your home as they help water find its way inside your home. Periodical roof inspection, at least once a year, should help monitor roof health and detect potential dangers. Taking timely action can prevent water from seeping through the roof, which can even damage the structural elements of your home. 

HVAC system servicing

Although air conditioners do not have any direct association with water, they can pose dangers due to excessive condensation when water starts dripping from the system and ducts. 

As HVAC systems can turn into water generators, proper maintenance and cleaning can help to avoid the threat of water spreading across your home.

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