Pros And Cons Of Moving During The Summer

Pros And Cons Of Moving During The Summer

Everyone who is anyone seems to be packing up their homes and moving out in the sweltering summer months, which is regarded as the “peak season” for moving. In fact, between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend, 70% of all moves happen! But would you leap from a bridge if everyone else was doing it, as your mother would say? Is moving in the summer the best option for your circumstances? Why do so many people decide to make this move now in the year? Our friends at Safebound Moving & Storage answer those questions in this article.

Advantages of a Summer Relocation

There are several reasons why summer is such a popular season for moving families and the local moving company worldwide; however, the most frequent ones are listed here.

No School

The summer is the best time to relocate for families with school-aged children. Significantly under the best of circumstances, moving may be tough for children, but changing schools in the middle of the school year can be even harder. Before entering the K–12 battle royale, kids who relocate during the summer may acquire a feel for their new neighborhood, meet their new neighbors, and perhaps even make some new friends.

Additional Assistance

For those same households, some additional free labor may be advantageous. When they don’t have to worry about their GPAs and extracurricular activities, children in school and even older children in college may be more able and ready to assist with moving, prepping, and setting up a new home.

Longer Days

Moving during this season of the year simply provides you additional hours in the day because the sun sets later in the summer. If you’re pressed for time, those additional few hours of daylight may be just what you need to prepare and transfer everything without the weight of it crushing you like a fully loaded moving truck.

Great Weather

The weather is perhaps the most apparent factor, especially if you’re relocating to or from a place like Chicago. Moving through snow is the worst. Of course, there is the cold, but it’s also considerably more hazardous, and the worry of slipping on ice, especially while moving big boxes, may be genuine. Summertime is a better season to relocate because the weather is warmer and frequently less precipitation-prone. Of course, summer can be excessively hot depending on where you are, but we’ll get to that later.

Disadvantages of a Summer Relocation

It’s a hectic moment: As we previously stated, the majority of movements take place throughout the summer. That indicates that the majority of movers have full schedules. Because there is less space for modification and flexibility, you must be assured and have a strategy in place before hiring a mover. And if things don’t go according to plan, you might need to use your imagination or spend more money to finish everything on time.


The basic law of economics is supply and demand, and it is expensive. Since there is more demand in the summer, movers may raise their charges, which they frequently do. This is why it’s critical to request an estimate from your mover as soon as possible to guarantee you receive a fair price and avoid being charged with a surprise charge later.


The weather, which first looked to be such a pro, may quickly turn out to be a negative depending on where you live, where you’re moving, and the always shifting weather forecast. Particularly if you live someplace that gets really hot like Florida or Arizona, the risk of overheating and the potentially fatal heat stroke can be a huge deterrent.

Overheating Your Stuff

Your belongings may also get excessively hot. When you’re moving, you have to consider more than just your own body temperature since some things are extremely heat-sensitive. You should be extremely cautious about how hot you let your things become, especially if you are traveling with many delicate objects, such as pricey paintings, musical instruments, or antique furniture. Of course, this seldom arises when using skilled movers.

Like anything in life, there is the good, the bad, and the ugly to account for. A summer move might make the most sense for you!


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