Prevent Home Invasions – Inside The Mind Of A Burglar Guides Security Measures

Prevent Home Invasions - Inside The Mind Of A Burglar Guides Security Measures

Many people fear a break-in occurring at night while your family is asleep. But, in reality, more break-ins occur during the daylight hours when family members are typically away at work or school.

According to the FBI, in 2018, there were 346,312 daytime burglaries and 218,028 nighttime burglaries.

How can you protect your home if you’re away? Keep reading to discover the best ways to prevent home invasions.

Use Smart Technology to Your Advantage

Want to know how to stop burglars from targeting your home? It can be as simple as putting your lights on a timer. Many burglars watch a home before breaking in to learn the occupants’ schedules.

Set up smart outlets with your lighting sources in different rooms of your home. You can then turn on and off the lights, via an app even when you’re away from the home. When a light switches on, a thief may believe that it means someone is home.

You can set up a smart plug to anything that plugs into a normal outlet, like a television or radio.

Display Your Alarm System

Home alarm systems work wonders as a burglar deterrent. But, you need to make sure that any potential burglars are aware of your alarm system to prevent break-ins.

When installing your system, many companies will place a small sign in your yard. This sign will alert others that your home is protected with a security system. You can also make sure that you have outdoor cameras near your home’s entryways so that a potential burglar will notice them before entering your home.

Lock All Your Doors and Windows

While locking your doors and windows may seem obvious for preventing home invasions, not everyone does this.

Make sure every single window is locked, even if it’s not on the ground floor. And in the warm months, never leave the house with an open window.

You’ll want to make sure all your doors are locked as well. You should especially lock the door between your garage and your home. This is a door that many homeowners don’t bother to lock, and burglars know that.

Take Care of Your Home โ€” Even When You’re Away

Another great way to prevent break-ins is to always make sure your home is taken care of, even when you’re away. If a burglar knows that you are on a vacation or away from the home, they will see this as the perfect opportunity to break in.

Ask your neighbors or friends to help with theft deterrent actions before you leave. Have them bring in your mail or any packages delivered to your doorstep. Invite them to occasionally stop inside your house and make their presence known.

You’ll also want to pay someone to take care of the outside of your home. An overgrown yard in the summer or unshoveled snow in the winter are obvious clues that no one is home.

Use These Tips to Prevent Home Invasions

Using these tips, you can better prevent home invasions.

But, depending on the neighborhood you live in, even the most protected homes are still vulnerable to a break-in. If you no longer feel safe in your own home, consider moving to a new location.

To help start your search for a safe home, head to the Listings section on this site.


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