Skin Care Guide: Before And After Tanning

Skin Care Guide: Before And After Tanning

Exposure to UV radiation or chemicals is inevitable, whether you are considering tanning in the sun, getting a spray tan, or using a tanning bed. Optimal skin care before and after tanning is necessary to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays or chemicals. An appropriate TLC before and after tanning is essential to keep your skin looking healthy, natural, and younger.

Understanding the standard tanning methods

These are common and the most affordable tanning methods you may consider, depending on your priorities.

  • Sun tanning: Sunbathing or sun tanning is the conventional way to achieve a natural tan. It involves exposing the skin to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. The UV rays can penetrate the deeper skin layers, activating melanin production to render a darker shade to the skin. Sun tanning is the most popular way to get a darker look. One has to visit a favorite beach in summer and put on the right bikini or swimsuit to enjoy the process by lying down under the sun.
  • Tanning bed: You can achieve the tanning effect more quickly than the traditional sun tanning method by choosing sunbed tanning. The process requires about fifteen minutes as the special UV light sources help you get a proper tan, within a short time. Sun tanning and sun beds involve exposure to harmful UV rays. One should prefer applying a protective sun cream such as SPF 30 to mitigate the hazardous effect of UV rays if the tanning sessions are frequent or considerably longer.
  • Sunless tans: Sunless tans are safer options than a sun tan and sun bed procedures, as these are devoid of UV exposure completely. Using spray tan, tanning mousse, or tanning lotion ensures a longer-lasting tan. Spray tans are perfect for achieving a bronzed appearance. You can get a sun-kissed glow without UV exposure by choosing a reputed tanning salon.  

Sun tanning: pre- and post-care tips

Prepping your skin before sun tanning is crucial, as UV exposure can harm your skin. Using a sunscreen lotion with SPF-30 is essential throughout the summer months.

Follow these tips before you head to the beach.

  • Use a skin cleanser: Cleansing the skin to remove impurities is necessary before the application of sunscreen lotion.
  • Applying a proper sunscreen: An ideal sunscreen for all-time use during summer is the one with SPF-15. You may try a sunscreen lotion with a higher SPF if you plan to spend a long time under the sun. Your lips need sun protection too. Keep a branded lip balm containing a broad-spectrum sunscreen handy for anytime use. Reapplying sunscreen after swimming or sweating is a must.

Hours of fun and suntan under the sun can be stressful for your skin and body. Consider the following post-suntan care tips before you hit the bed for some relaxation.

  • Skin cleansing: Prefer a gentle cleansing solution to wipe away the dirt and impurities from your skin.
  • Apply a hydrating moisturizer: Your skin deserves hydration because of constant exposure to the sun. Prefer aloe vera and hyaluronic acid-based moisturizing lotions for better hydration. The moisturizer comforts the skin and retains the radiance.
  • Mitigate the effect of a sunburn: Sunburn is a common consequence of longer exposure to the sun despite taking all precautions. The best way to relieve a sunburn is to get a cold shower.

Spray tan: before and after skincare 

Spray tans at the best tanning salon near me are the most sought-after solutions to claim a perfectly bronzed look. You can maintain the tan longer with a little care before and after a spray tan.

Pre-spray tan tips 

  • Exfoliation and shaving: A flawless spray tan effect is possible if you spend some quality time shaving and exfoliating your skin. It helps remove portions of flaky and dead skin and avoids a patchy or streaky tan. Use exfoliating scrub over knees, elbows, and other dryer skin areas. Consider shaving the skin after the shower and softening of hair follicles. Avoid shaving after the tanning session as it will cause stripping of the tan. 
  • Avoid a shower right before the spray tan: Do not shower for a minimum of four hours before the spray tanning procedure because a shower with warm water causes enlargement of the skin’s pores, resulting in dark spots.
  • Avoid wearing makeup: Do not put your makeup on if the spray tan session will involve your face. The makeup will prevent the spray tan stay on the face and will come off after using a cleanser after the spray tanning process. Do not use any moisturizer, oils, deodorant spray, or perfume before spray tanning. 

Post-spray tan skincare 

  • Avoid showering immediately: Do not take a shower immediately after the spray tan. Ideally, use shower six to eight hours after the spray tanning session to allow the effect of tanning last longer. Notice a bronze solution making the shower water muddy. Exfoliation or shaving is not suitable during the first shower after the spray tan.
  • Avoid sun exposure: Sun’s UV radiation is detrimental to the tan because it can cause fading of the spray tanning solution. A protective sunscreen or clothing is helpful if you must go out.
  • Use sunscreen frequently: A sunscreen application is essential, whether using a spray tan or not. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Sunscreen with SPF 30 is suitable to protect against the harmful effect of sunrays.
  • Daily moisturizing: Maintaining the tan is necessary by using an appropriate moisturizer, as oil-based moisturizers can make your body appear blotchy.


Sunbathing may not be suitable for you because it provides a slow tanning effect with the possibility of skin damage because of the sun’s harmful UV radiation. Boca Raton Tanning Club promises faster, safer, and more durable tanning for a perfectly bronzed look. Whether you are looking for sunbed tanning or spray tanning, they have high-end tanning equipment to ensure a flawless tan. Boca Tanning Club is a one-stop tanning destination for all your tanning needs. It is a reputed tanning salon in Coral Springs for a perfect sunless tan.


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