New York Real Estate – Top 5 Reasons Young Couples Want to Live in Long Island City

New York Real Estate - Top 5 Reasons Young Couples Want to Live in Long Island City

While a Manhattan address was once considered quite an asset, in recent years, neighborhoods off the island have come to rival—if not surpass—Manhattan’s cachet. In fact, Queens has become a standout among the city’s five boroughs, with more affordable home prices compared to Manhattan and Brooklyn, a sense of community in its intimate neighborhoods, and its wealth of cultural opportunities. Long Island City, in particular, has become a haven for young couples, who are leaving Brooklyn and Manhattan in droves for this popular Queens neighborhood. Just check out what this amazing area has to offer:  

1. A Booming Job Market

Whether you’re fresh out of college or looking to change careers after decades in your current field, there’s no neighborhood in the city with a job market like the one you’ll find in Long Island City. In addition to numerous financial companies, Long Island City is home to startups like Songza, Digital Natives, and Vengo Labs. Better yet, the area will soon be home to Amazon’s first New York City outpost, poised to add 25,000 jobs to the neighborhood.    

2. Amazing Homes

The luxury condos Long Island City has to offer are unlike those you’ll find anywhere else in the city. In fact, Long Island City offers the best views of Manhattan you’ll find anywhere, and developers are taking advantage of the neighborhood’s prime vantage point in the development of luxury buildings like Skyline Tower. The tallest condominium in all of Queens, the 67-story glass-encased tower offers stunning views of Manhattan from each of its spacious luxury homes, as well as close proximity to the neighborhood’s parks, offices, and cultural attractions.

3. Great Restaurants

Don’t feel like cooking? That’s not a problem if you call Long Island City home. The neighborhood has emerged as a surprising foodie hotspot in recent years, with Michelin-starred eateries like Casa Enrique rubbing elbows with mom-and-pop shops like the popular Court Square Diner, Beebe’s, and Mu Ramen.

4. Easy Access to Manhattan

Not eager to waste precious time on a lengthy commute? Then Long Island City might just be the perfect neighborhood for you. While it can take upwards of an hour to get to Midtown or the Financial District from parts of Brooklyn, Staten Island, and The Bronx, this Queens waterfront neighborhood provides easy access to Manhattan. In fact, Long Island City dwellers can get to Manhattan in just seven minutes by car, take a leisurely ferry ride in just 30, or hop the 7 train for a 15-minute commute.

5. Culture at Every Turn

Queens is experiencing a cultural renaissance, and that’s more apparent in Long Island City than anywhere else. Within the neighborhood’s limits, you’ll find museums like MoMA PS1, SculptureCenter, the Noguchi Museum, the Fisher Landau Center for Art, the Self-Taught Genius Gallery, as well as concert venues like the Waltz-Astoria and Melrose Ballroom.

If you’re looking to move to New York—or just looking for a new neighborhood to call home—look no further than Long Island City. With amazing culture, beautiful homes, and the city’s hottest job market, there’s no better time to find out why this amazing Queens enclave has become such a hotspot for young couples.


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