New Homeowner’s Guide To Service An Air Conditioner

New Homeowner's Guide To Service An Air Conditioner

Is the air conditioner not working? Is it making an odd noise? If you are a new homeowner, this can be really frustrating.

There are a few things that may be wrong with your air conditioner. It’s important to know these things, and how you can solve them. This guide will go over some tips for homeowners who need help with servicing their air conditioner.

Opening The Air Cond

The first thing you should do is open up the air conditioner to see what’s wrong with it. You can tell if it needs service by looking at the fan and compressor, as well as checking the pressure switch.

  • If the fan is not spinning, then it’s possible that you need to replace your belts or fix something with your motor.
  • If the compressor isn’t working properly, you may have a broken start capacitor on your electrical panel board.
  • Check for oil leaks around the compressor and see if you need to replace the compressor.
  • If the pressure switch is tripped, it could be because of a dirty filter or if someone turned off your breaker panel by mistake.

If none of these things seem wrong with the air conditioner and still not working, then you can just book an air cond service to assist.

Cleaning The Filter

If you need to clean your filter, it’s important that you do so. If your air conditioner is not working, it’s possible that the filter may have too much dust and dirt on it. It can also be because of a dirty coil from all of this moisture in your room.

  • To clean the filter, you will need to take out any furniture away from where your unit is so that you can get to the back.
  • You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the filter, but you should not wash it with water because this will cause more problems for your air conditioner in the future.
  • Make sure that you put everything back into place after cleaning out all of this dirt and dust from inside your air conditioner unit.

It’s important to take note that when your air conditioner is working, you should not have to clean the filter very often. If it’s doing this every month or two months, then there might be a bigger problem with your unit that needs servicing.

Perform Routine Checkups

It’s also important to know when your air conditioner needs servicing. If you notice that it’s not working, then this may need an immediate service call. However, if it just isn’t as cold as before and the temperature is fluctuating a lot more than usual, there might be something wrong with your unit.

  • Check for any leaks in your air conditioner and see if there is oil under the unit. You can also visit a website that has information on servicing an air cond to see what signs you should be looking for when it comes time to call someone out.
  • Make sure that you put everything back into place after cleaning out all of this dirt and dust from inside your air conditioner unit.
  • Your air conditioner should not be making any loud noises and if it does, then this is probably a sign that something needs to be repaired or replaced immediately.
  • You can also check the temperature gauge on top of your condenser for signs like fluctuating temperatures. For example, if the temperature is higher than usual inside your room and it’s not working as well as before.
  • It’s also important to know how old your air conditioner unit is. If you’ve had this for more than five years, then chances are that it may need servicing soon because of all the wear and tear from having it in your home for this long.

As homeowners, it’s important that we learn how to service an air-cond and do routine checkups on our home appliances. If you’re not sure how to do this, then it’s best that you contact an air-cond company that can help take care of your unit. This will ensure the safety and comfort of your family inside your home.


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