Make Your Home the Envy of the Neighborhood with 5-Star Curb Appeal

Make Your Home the Envy of the Neighborhood with 5-Star Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal has the power to make a lasting impression on potential homebuyers before they even set foot inside of the property. In most cases, a home’s exterior offers passersby a glimpse into what they can expect on the other side of the door. That said, curb appeal with a wow-factor can help increase the property’s value, arouse initial interest, encourage buyers to book a showing, and help you, as the homeowner, put your best face forward on the housing market.

Have you ever wondered how much value a spruced-up exterior adds to your home? Well, experts report that property owners who invest in their house’s curb appeal can expect a seven percent increase in price compared to houses with a less-appealing exterior. A property’s value can improve by as much as14 percent in slower real estate markets. All it takes is a few simple touches.

If you want to boost your home’s resale value, an eye-catching entryway and perfectly-manicured shrubs are worthwhile additions to your front yard. Are you wondering how you can keep your home’s exterior in tip-top condition? Below are insightful tips you can use to give your property’s curb appeal a much-needed boost. 

Invest in high-quality grass seed

A healthy, lush lawn does more than add aesthetic value to your home. For one, a vibrant green lawn entices potential homebuyers, improving your home’s resale value. To help you achieve this value appreciation, invest in high-qualitygrass seed proven to withstand harsh weather conditions, and keep patching to a minimum.  

While costly renovations in the kitchen and bathroom spaces will yield a return on investment of about 75 to 100 percent. However, due to light costs and the high value of landscaping, modest lawn maintenance procedures result in a 100 to 200 percent return on investment. In light of this, low-quality grass seed could cheapen your home’s curb appeal and compel prospective buyers to question your property’s value. By contrast, a thriving, patch-less lawn can convince an interested buyer to place an offer and seal the deal. 

Focus on the entry point

If you want to create a “wow” factor for your home, funnel financial resources into the projects that matter the most: the front entryway. You could line your pathway using bricks, concrete, or cobblestone. If you use concrete, you could paint these blocks with contrasting colors (perhaps black and gold) to make them visually-appealing to neighbors and prospective buyers alike. 

As a finishing touch, you could surround your elegant, magazine-worthy entryway with reasonably-priced greenery. In no time at all, you’ll have achieved a grand front entrance without breaking the bank.

Use potted plants

Make your home’s exterior more inviting by strategically placing potted plants around your house. Surround your porch with flowers. Consider adding some window boxes as well. 

When giving your home’s exterior a long-awaited facelift, experiment with different pot sizes and colors that capture your desired style. While potted plants will cost you a little more, they’ll liven up your front entryway all season long.

Pay attention to your front door

Your front door makes a statement. If your front door’s paint is peeling off, it’s time to sand off the old paint and give your door a radical transformation. If you have extra wiggle room in your home improvement budget, you could renovate the entire entryway for envy-inducing curb appeal.

Homeowners looking for an easy DIY task can also consider revamping their house numbers. Simple things like changing the font and style can go a long way in giving your house number a refreshed look. You can also write your house number on potted plants placed on a bench for an added personal touch. 

Final thoughts

A stunning curb is a surefire way to attract prospective home buyers. After all, image is everything. While upgrading interior features like the bedrooms and bathrooms is a worthwhile endeavor, ignoring your property’s curb appeal could repel potential buyers looking to place an offer on a home.


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