Keep Your House Shining And Fresh With These Simple Tips

Keep Your House Shining And Fresh With These Simple Tips

Cleaning your home and keeping it fresh is a vital maintenance drill that must be repeated on a regular basis.

However, many times it may not be easy to achieve the desired shine and freshness on your house’s floors and walls. That’s when you may feel the need to take tips for guidance.

In this blog post, we are sharing a few simple tips that can help you achieve a great shine and lasting freshness in your home.

1. Keep Your Sink(s) Clean

The sink is a place where you wash your dirty dishes. Undoubtedly, your kitchen sink is home to countless germs.

That’s why, on the hygienic and aesthetic fronts, you must ensure to clean your sink after washing dishes. This will keep germs at bay, you will have a shiny sink, with the right fragrance.

It’s also great to sanitize your sink when it has dried up after a cleaning session.

Metal and ceramic surfaces can easily be sanitized with cleaner or a simple alcohol or vinegar solution, to remove germs and bacteria.

2. Take Out The Trash on a Regular Basis

As living beings, we all create waste in many forms. Some of this waste is flushed down the toilet, while others like plastic wrappers or wastes from food leftovers need to be disposed of manually.

When any of these waste materials are left inside the home for an extended period, germs will accumulate, and the area may also start smelling.

That’s nothing like the freshness that we want. Make sure you are taking out the trash regularly.

This will keep your home cleaner & shinier and will maintain freshness at the same time.

3. Keep Your Home Clean

Freshness and shine in your home are largely associated with the cleanliness that you are maintaining.

Just like we talked about the importance of cleaning your sink after every wash, it’s also crucial to keep your house’s floors and walls clean.

Regular dusting and mopping play a vital role in maintaining cleanliness inside your home. If it seems like a massive task with the regular cleaning appliances, you can try using Vileda’s Easywring System.

Its advanced technology will help you deep clean all areas of your home, without soaking your hands. This will also ease down the cleaning process.

4. Use a Cleaning Solution That Smells Great

As we are talking about freshness, the fragrance has to be a top priority, and the best part is that you can get it from your regular cleaning solution.

The market has hundreds of cleaning solutions for wooden and marble floors with an excellent cleaning action and a brilliant fragrance.

You just have to explore your options and choose your favorite fragrance.

5. Buff Metal Surfaces With Olive Oil

Olive oil has several health benefits, but is that all that this magical ingredient can do?

You may be surprised to know that olive oil acts as an excellent buffing solution for metal surfaces.

Whether it’s a stained tap or an old dirty shower, a few olive oil drops can help you achieve a shine on its surface.

Here is the procedure to follow.

  • Clear the metal surface with a dry cloth to remove dust
  • Take a piece of soft cloth
  • Pour a few drops of olive oil onto it
  • Rub the metal surface with the piece of soft cloth in a circular motion

It’s as easy as that.

Who doesn’t like to have a clean home that shines and has a natural freshness to it? Regular cleaning methods may not be enough to achieve it. In this blog, we shared a few tips and tricks to help you maintain shine and freshness in your house.


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