Luxury Yachting Life – Sail Away with the Best High-Tech Marine Technology

Luxury Yachting Life - Sail Away with the Best High-Tech Marine Technology

Innovative technology has allowed for a new assemblage of sailing gear that will enhance your sailing adventures. These gadgets increase your navigational abilities and bolster your connectivity with the rest of the world. Better technology leads to increased safety, which will make your sailing ventures more enjoyable. Here are some of the best marine technology gadgets on the market.


DigiMed helps you receive medical consultation in even the most remote locations. The digiMed Five Plus Kit gives you access to secure, high-quality, low bandwidth, multi-stream communication for assistance in medical diagnosis and treatment. The lightweight and portable kit includes medical instruments, such as a thermometer, glucose meter, blood pressure monitor, ECG, pulse oximeter and macro camera. The software can be accessed on a computer or tablet screen, where its user can engage in a secure video conference with a medically trained and certified professional. The software collects and transmits live instrument data via Bluetooth, so the doctor can adequately advise on the best method of care. The kit comes in a hard case that can endure rugged conditions and keep its contents well protected.

Iridium GO!

Stay connected wherever you sail with Iridium GO!, a satellite-connected network that provides reliable voice and data communications for your smartphone. The device provides apps for your phone that allow you to access features, such as voice calling, SMS, email, weather and GPS. It emits a 100-foot radius for Wi-Fi connection for up to five mobile devices. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy transport. The GO! is incredibly durable and manufactured to withstand military-grade ruggedness, with a water-resistant, shock-resistant and dust-proof body for ample protection. It is compatible with your Apple and Android operating systems and will not inflict any roaming charges when in use.

B&G Forward Scan

The B&G Forward Scan helps you sail uncharted waters with confidence and a clear image of what lies ahead. It reduces the danger of encountering unforeseen obstructions and surprising shallow depths. The forward scan technology utilizes a sonar processor that can evaluate waters up to 300 feet ahead for depth information. It rapidly relays the information as a simple chart, color coded to indicate if the area ahead is classified as “safe,” “caution” or “danger”. The B&G Forward Scan is easily integrated with the B&G Zeus2 series navigation units and works in conjunction with a SonarHub sonar processor.


The BoatLogger company offers a variety of sites for you to track your boating ventures, which include a yacht site, race site and regatta site. The center of the BoatLogger system is a website, though it can be accessed as an app through any mobile device with Internet access. The app will automatically record your boat’s position via built-in GPS and allows users access to a logbook. You can add photos and verbal content to your logbook and share it with your friends and family, so they can stay connected with you while you’re on your adventure. The phone app can also record weather information, including atmospheric pressure, humidity and temperature. The app allows for boat supervision, even when you are not on a journey and will monitor and record tank levels, battery charge, temperature and humidity in the boat. You can even hook up a camera and view security footage through the app for optimal safety assurance.


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