Luxury Shopping Guide – Finding the Perfect Gift for the Impossible to Please

Luxury Shopping Guide - Finding the Perfect Gift for the Impossible to Please

There is always at least one individual on your holiday shopping list who is impossible to please. So how do you find the perfect gift for them? If you take time to reflect on their personality, strategically choose stores, splurge on an indulgent treat or find an unexpected experience to give, you will have a greater likelihood of pleasing your tough critic. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect gift for the most difficult to please friend or family member.

A Personal Gift

Take your time when brainstorming gift ideas for this individual. Think about the extracurricular activities that they enjoy and what kinds of items could enhance their enjoyment of this activity. For example, if the person youโ€™re shopping for has a gardening hobby, take a look at some of the newest garden tech gadgets, like the Bosch Isio Cordless Shrub Shear. Also take into consideration what kinds of daily strains this individual deals with. If you can find any gadgets or tools that will help remedy their daily stresses, your gift will be greatly appreciated.

Store Strategies

If you are acutely aware that this individual isnโ€™t likely to keep your gift, why not accommodate their habit of returning or exchanging items? If they canโ€™t visit the store location and must ship the item back, their experience with your present could be a negative one. Shop at stores that have multiple locations, so your gift recipient can return or exchange without much headache. Big stores like Cabelas have locations in nearly every state, which makes exchange of merchandise easy. Make sure you include a gift receipt so the recipient wonโ€™t run into any problems with the cashier when they attempt to return or exchange.

Luxury and Indulgence

Set your sights on a gift that will wow. For example, if your giftee enjoys decadent or luxurious items, choose something they might not purchase for themselves, like an ascot or tie and pocket square combo. For these gifts, head to a high-end retailer and make sure you work with one of the sales associates, as they can suggest the most on-trend patterns. Another indulgent gift could include something that comes in a little blue box. Tiffany & Co. has a number of wonderful gifts that one cannot resist, including elegant jewelry, sterling silver accessories and crystal goods for the home.

Unexpected Experience

Rather than gift a material object, seek out an experience you know your gift recipient will enjoy. For the film buff, gift them movie passes or a pass to the local film festival. For the outdoor adventurer, find a nature expedition, guided hike or recreational activity that you can purchase for them. For example, if your giftee lives near the mountains find a guided snowshoe hiking trip โ€” this is a way for them to get outdoors and enjoy the winter wonderland in a unique way. Other experience-inspired gifts include gift certificates to the best restaurants in town, theater tickets, a crafting class or a brewery/distillery tour.


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