Luxury Living – How to Create Your Very Own Indoor Spa at Home

Luxury Living - How to Create Your Very Own Indoor Spa at Home

If your bathroom tub and shower just don’t cut it anymore for end-of-the-day soaking and relaxation, you may want to consider creating an indoor spa. You don’t have to live in a mansion to soak in a hot tub or enjoy a spa-like atmosphere to relax and recharge. Depending on your existing space, you may opt to bring in a small hot tub and decorate with soothing colors and accessories or expand and remodel an area of your home into a luxury spa retreat.

Space for Your Spa

The first thing you need to figure out is how much space you have to create your indoor spa. Where will it be? Part of a bathroom expansion? In the basement? Part of a sunroom or screened-in patio? Decide where you want your spa and then start measuring to see how much space you have to fit all the spa amenities you want.

Portable hot tubs are a good option for indoor spas in mid-size homes because of their size and ease of installation. Acrylic spa units are larger, a little trickier to install and more expensive, as well as being more difficult to fit through standard doorways. If you aren’t expanding a space, a portable hot tub would be a good option for the main attraction for your indoor spa. If you have a larger space such as an enclosed patio or sunroom or are building out a section of your home and have a bigger budget, you’ll have the space and money for a spa unit.

Spa Lighting and Color

Spa lighting and color are important to get the relaxing effects you want. If anyone in your home suffers from seasonal affective disorder—a form of depression that causes people to feel sad and sluggish in the winter, when there’s less sunlight—light therapy is one treatment that may help relieve symptoms. If you’re putting your spa in a basement or corner of the family room, make sure to add plenty of light and add windows or skylights for natural light.

Color also affects health and well-being. Color associations are often personal and cultural, however. For example, white is often perceived to represent purity and innocence in Western culture but used as a symbol of mourning in Eastern countries. Choose relaxing colors like blues and greens for spa surroundings rather than stimulating colors like reds and oranges to create a place to relax and refresh from the day’s activities.

Spa Equipment and Accessories

Depending on your available space, you may only be able to add a small portable hot tub and some plants and lights. But if you are planning a spa remodel, consider a sauna, steam room, shower and other spa amenities such as a massage table or bench, exercise equipment, or even a lap pool if you plan it with a pool installation.

Other accessories to create a soothing atmosphere include a fireplace or flame table, water features, surround-sound stereo system, candelabra or sconces for candle light and floor plants and potted herbs. Floors and walls for your spa space depend on what type of atmosphere you want. Natural rock and stone, tile, glass block and floor-to-ceiling window walls create a feeling of being in nature rather than your everyday indoor environments.


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