Luxury Living – 5 Things You Can Do With A Fast Internet Connection

Luxury Living - 5 Things You Can Do With A Fast Internet Connection

In this day and age, when you need at least 15 Mbps (megabytes per second) for all your computers and devices in a household, many people are still using slow Internet connections. They don’t seem to realize that when they have insufficient bandwidth, it’s inevitable that their streaming videos will keep buffering, their websites will fail to load, and their Internet connection will slow to a crawl. Bandwidth is a measure of the quantity of data that can be transmitted in a given time, and when there is insufficient bandwidth, your device will have problems receiving the data packets quickly enough.

Consequently, the idea of saving by cutting back on Internet speed is not a realistic one. It’s like trying to save on gas by only filling up a quarter of the tank. Yes, your car will run, but it won’t go very far. Moreover, the amount you’re spending to get high-quality Wi-Fi internet service is not significant compared to your other monthly expenses. A high-quality, fast connection is about 15 Mbps or higher, while a slow connection is about 2 Mbps. What’s more, while there is a huge difference in capacity, the pricing for a faster connection remains highly affordable. Compare Internet Providers to ensure you’re getting the service you are paying for. Not all ISPs are the same, and not all of them offer the same services. When comparing deals, you need to consider some factors like speed, usage, cost, customer support, hardware, bundles, availability, etc. Remember that speed is crucial.

With a fast connection, you can do many things online that would be almost impossible with a slow connection, such as streaming your favorite shows while travelling. With that in mind, here are five reasons you should get a fast connection:

  1. You will have no problem using streaming applications
    With streaming technology, you can enjoy entertainment media. When you sit down to stream a movie, everything will work perfectly. There won’t be constant pauses and a screen message that informs you that your show is buffering. In addition, your sound quality will be perfect. In fact, you’ll quickly get into the movie and enjoy your popcorn without a second thought.
  1. You will have no problems using on-demand applications
    Besides having no problems with streaming technology, you will be able to enjoy on-demand apps, too, without any problems. Jessica Sims, a technology blogger, explains how on-demand apps work: “On-Demand essentially means that a program is capable of launching either from a download or site, and its core components are downloaded swiftly while other less-critical assets (such as less common features) are loaded in the background once the basic app is up and running. This system lets users download a full-featured app that is designed to be ready to use, and with on-demand features that load intelligently. Consider a basic program such as an online word processor where the basic page and font/style bar are loaded by default, but printing functionality, page formatting, integration with spreadsheets, etc., all load after the app is ready to use.”
  1. You will able to work from home in a professional way
    There are many opportunities to work from home. You may, for example, telecommute, buy and sell products on an auction site like eBay or a retail platform like Amazon, join a multilevel marketing company, or set up a freelancing business. This could be either a full-time job or a chance to make some extra money in your spare time. With the right technology, for example, the video conferencing that you do from your home office will have a clear picture and sound quality. In fact, your clients will almost feel as if they are in the same room with you. Whatever your profession or line of work, your high-speed connection will improve your chances of success. Besides the improved use of all communication media, you’ll be able to send large data files back and forth without any concern about lag time. There won’t be any problems using high-demand applications, and you can switch from one device to another, like your laptop to your tablet, without a problem. In fact, you can even have multiple devices running at the same time.
  1. You can take an online course for personal or career-growth
    There are many educational opportunities available online. Some are taught free by the leading universities through programs like MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses.) For instance, you could take a course in Computer Science from Harvard University. Others require you to pay a reasonable fee when the course is offered on tutorial websites like Udacity or Udemy. In addition, if you take a class at your local community college, you may be required to do some assignments online. In all these scenarios, high-speed internet access will make it easy to watch classroom videos, use interactive software, and join social media channels to interact with fellow students.
  1. Everyone in your family can be online at the same time
    A high-speed internet connection can deliver data to four or more people in a family simultaneously. Your spouse could be working at a desktop computer on a work assignment, your mother-in-law could be watching a Blu-Ray movie in the den on the big screen, your kids could be doing their homework assignments in their bedroom on laptops, and you could be playing Solitaire Masters on your tablet all at the same time. Everyone would get their data packets transmitted flawlessly.

We live in a time of advancing technology, and the future is approaching faster than we can imagine. Need us not remind you of the evolving history of cable television, so if you want to avoid getting left behind, you should keep up with current technology through the use of high-speed Internet access.


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