Long Distance Moving – 7 Tips to Get Your Home and Family Ready

Long Distance Moving - 7 Tips to Get Your Home and Family Ready

In the United States alone, around 35.5 million people move each year. In 2017, 11% of the entire United States population actually moved, with 34% of them moving to a different county and 4% coming from abroad.

Reasons for moving vary and may include:

  • Moving to or leaving college or university
  • Wanting to have their own place instead of renting
  • Looking for cheaper housing
  • A job transfer or a new job in a different region
  • Relocating to a better home
  • Starting a family

Getting your family ready for long-distance moving requires not just proper packing and getting your new place “ready” for occupancy. It also requires meticulous planning to ensure your move does result in a comfortable stay in your new home without any problems.

Here are a few things you and your family can do:

1. Deciding on making a long-distance move means planning ahead

Before you decide to move long distances, you might want to plan your living arrangement in the new location ahead of time. These include finding a new job, finding a school for the children, and acquiring access to elderly care services if you have an elderly person with you. How safe is the area? Are there groceries, convenience stores, hospitals, and police stations nearby? Also, have you arranged for theΒ lease or sale of your old property? Get these things sorted first, so your move will be smooth.

2. Assess the costs of your potential move

Another important element to prepare for is the cost of your move. Prepare the initial payments in your new place. If you do the moving by yourself without relying on moving services, how much would it cost? Determine how much you will spend on packaging equipment and materials, and gas for the vehicle. You can also seek the help of a mover who can make an in-house assessment of your items. As such, you can get a quotation of how much it would cost you to hire a mover instead.

3. Get in touch with a mover to make moving much easier to handle

Getting all your luggage in your family vehicle can be challenging, especially if you have a lot of things to go with you. Instead of risking breaking furniture and important belongings, you can hire movers such as North American Van Lines. These movers have the appropriate vehicles and resources that are capable of ensuring the safety and integrity of your belongings during the long-distance move.

4. Declutter the household as soon as you are able to

Before you make your move, make sure you make a detailed assessment of elements in your household. How many household objects are you willing to separate yourself from? Can you donate or sell some of your items? Remember that movers also charge depending on the weight and quantity of your packages. Keep only the essential things that are worth your money in moving.

5. Make sure you do your logistics properly

When you do decide to pack, make sure you do your logistics properly. This means listing all items you want to bring and assessing which rooms you want them to be placed in. Pack in a way that it is easy to take the items out. When packing, make sure you label each package properly with the items it contains. You can watch tutorials online if you want to do it yourself, or you can hire movers to help you pack.

6. Visit your new home with organization in mind

When you do visit your new home, have a plan of how you want it to look like. See if you can make a layout of your new place and decide which items go where. Where would you place the boxes when you arrive? How would you unpack them? Where should furniture be? This saves you the hassle of planning on the spot after a long and exhausting trip.

7. Preparation is Key

Long-distance moving takes a lot of preparation and planning. Remember the above tips for a smooth and hassle-free move.


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