List Of Excellent Services Offered By Commercial Stucco Repair Services

List Of Excellent Services Offered By Commercial Stucco Repair Services

A stucco repair company will offer you professional services in repairing or installing new stucco systems. These experts have years of experience in parging for commercial buildings and local houses. From EIFS stucco and cement board stucco system to stonework, masonry, and demolition, a stucco repair company can offer all sorts of services for you. 

However, before hiring a stucco repair company, you need to make sure they perfectly meet your requirement. Take a look at this list of services provided by professional commercial stuccos repair companies near you, and make sure to choose one that’s right for your needs.

EIFS Stucco System

This stucco system is more expensive than the traditional one, but it lasts longer, which will save you money in the long term. Moreover, using this type of stucco will result in greater savings on your energy bills. This type of stucco repair for commercial buildings works with a cladding system and consists of several layers with a non-load-bearing design. You can get a textured coat on top of this stucco as per your choice.

Spray Foam Stucco

If your home or business building is made of wood, this is the ideal system. With great deals and warranty terms offered by commercial stucco repair companies near you, spray foam stuccos are affordable to buy and less expensive to maintain. In addition, the roofing contractors in your area can help you with touching up peeling paint and replacing worn-out roof shingles.

Cement Board Stucco System

The cement board stucco system is strong, durable, and effective. It uses plaster or cement to form a wall of your choice. This is the most cost-effective solution for some commercial buildings. The contractors for homeowners near you can provide you with the full range of services for installing this kind of stucco at your property.


This type of stucco is more expensive but offers more value than any other product available today. This type can be used on any exterior walls to protect against traffic accidents and other natural disasters. In addition, stonework is the best type of stucco repair service for your business.

Masonry Stucco System

This type of stucco is designed for residential and commercial buildings, but it can also be used for warehouses, factories, and even hospitals. In addition, this type of stucco tends to have a thick wall, making it more durable than all other types. This also prevents cracks and other damages to the structure.

Parging Services

Parging is exterior plastering or coating, which can be done on concrete or brick surfaces to make them look brand new. It is recommended for old commercial buildings with peeling paint and uneven surfaces. The parging materials are made of cement and sand, so it’s a popular choice for stucco repair services in commercial buildings.

To conclude, a stucco repair company offers so many great quality services. Just make sure you find someone with expertise and a wide variety of service availability for a better experience. Plus, by getting rid of the old stucco, you’ll make space for your project to grow and develop how you want it to be.


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