Life In 1 JBR – What To Expect At Jumeirah Beach Residence In Dubai

Life In 1 JBR - What To Expect At Jumeirah Beach Residence In Dubai

Are you wondering what it is like to live in 1 JBR? This 43-floored amazing structure breaks all the limits with its beauty and splendour, diverse quality apartments for the elite, and the luxury lover. It is close to Dubai Marina, Dubai Internet City, and even Dubai Media City.

Unlike most of the high-rise apartments, residences in 1 JBR are more affordable, and they also come with some of the most common facilities, and a good location too. How can such a luxurious building be affordable? Youโ€™ll learn that in the course of this article.

Hereโ€™s what living in 1 JBR can be like:


The 1 JBR apartments come with a gym/fitness centre that is central to all users of the building, where you can shed off some of the weight burdens, or simply exercise to get your day started. Some professionals also frequent the gym and can help you ease into an exercise schedule if you so, please. Additionally, a couple of individuals use the gym and you can create a fitness community if you like.

Landscape views are next on our list. You can view the skyscrapers around the Dubai Marina and other surrounding places from the 1 JBR apartment. You also get an ample view of the blue ocean and its beach.

The rooms are spacious and uniquely designed. The designers of 1 JBR appear to be trying to pass a message, that luxury need not put a hole in oneโ€™s pocket. The 1 JBR apartments are very spacious, with a fine finishing design on the inside. The kitchen area comes with a fancy pre-installed cabinet and a very wide space suitable for both families and singles.

A lobby and dedicated barbecue area for its inhabitants is also here. You can find rooms of varying sizes and even penthouses with private beach areas. It is both luxurious and comfortable.


The 1 JBR apartments are relatively affordable and well-situated too. It comes with a flexible five (5) instalment payment plan where only 5% original downpayment is needed. As a result, there are more than a handful of commercial users. Investors buy some of the apartments and then put them on the market for rent at a few thousand AED. You can click to check out the prices.

This raises many questions in the mind of people, as to whether the apartments are too commercial and less likely to deliver the luxury lifestyle. To that, hereโ€™s our answer:

  1. The 1 JBR has a very private undertone. The apartments are designed with opulence and independence. You may run into a couple of other users of the building at the lobby or the elevator, but you can choose not to mingle if you so, please.
  2. The central areas such as the lounge and the gym are pretty spacious and open with less crowd. You could have your private time with constant interruptions likewise.
  3. The 1 JBR has cool air and a nice position just by the beach. This feature gives access to the beachfront and a view of the water.
  4. Lastly, maybe it isnโ€™t such a bad thing to have others living there. Some celebrities are living in the 1 JBR, and you or your loved ones may cherish a photo or an autograph one of these days. The 1 JBR is voted one of the best waterfront properties to live in, in 2022.

You can find the 1 JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) near the Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, UAE.


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