Keep Your Luxury Car Collection Safe – 3 High-Tech Essentials Worth Investing In

Keep Your Luxury Car Collection Safe - 3 High-Tech Essentials Worth Investing In

A car collection is an investment. Classic or limited-edition luxury cars only grow in value among dedicated collectors. It’s important that you have a robust; state-of-the-art security system and emergency plan in case any of your cars are stolen. Stay one step ahead of organized thieves with these products that can make your warehouse or showroom more secure, and also improve the security of your individual vehicles.

Security Cameras

Many security cameras are expensive and have costly monthly fees. Most companies require you to sign up for 24-hour monitoring, while, in truth, you could do this yourself.

Lorex Technologies offers top quality HD wireless security camera systems free of monthly fees. Lorex HD IP security cameras record in high definition during the day and automatically switch to night vision at night. With HD wireless cameras there is minimal wiring; just install them, sync them to your Wi-Fi, then download the Lorex app on your smartphone or mobile device to view the footage.

Lorex offers security camera bundles in a range of sizes from 2 to 16. Cameras with 720p or 1080p are available, and with no monthly fee, it’s a one-time purchase that will leave you confident that your classic or rare cars are safe and monitored.

Intruder Alert

While security cameras are crucial, a thief could still make off with one of your cars, with you none the wiser until you go to the storage location or review the footage. That’s why you need an intruder alert system like Korner. Korner is a simple intruder alert system that links with your smartphone or mobile device. Just place Korner tabs at the edge of each window and door of your warehouse or showroom, plug the receiver into your router or modem, and connect your mobile device with the app. If someone enters the building or room, the Korner app will notify you of an intrusion.

You can also use the app to create Your Circle, a trusted group of friends and family to notify in case of a break in. When one of the Korner tabs is disturbed, you’re notified via app of the intrusion, then prompted to notify your circle or call 911. Paired with a security camera system, you won’t only know who’s broken into your collection, but also when.


Automatic is your last line of defense. Anyone who steals a car is doing so quickly, so they aren’t likely going to be on the lookout for onboard devices. Automatic is part GPS, part car diagnostic, part smart driver companion. Automatic is a small device that plugs directly into the diagnostic of a car, 1996 or newer. This smart device measures your fuel efficiency, gives directions, calculates the cost of your trips, and yes, keeps track of where your car is, including where it’s parked. If a car of yours gets boosted, just look at your smartphone or mobile device and let the Automatic app locate it for you. Pass this information onto the authorities so your car can be found quickly and those responsible can be held accountable.


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