Interior Design and Decor – Incorporating a Hunting Style Theme into Your Luxury Home

Interior Design and Decor - Incorporating a Hunting Style Theme into Your Luxury Home

There is something about hunting themes in interior design that spells elegance and comfort at the same time. People who like hunting certainly like having at least one room in their home that’s particular to this style. Certain elements could improve the look of a room and make it more suitable for incorporating a hunting style theme into your home.

Here are some interior design and décor tips that can bring that hunting theme ambiance to your home.

Showcasing your trophies

If you’re an avid hunter and have been doing this for years, you certainly have at least one trophy to showcase. That’s your first interior design tip to work on. One great thing about this is that your home will get a rustic feel like no other things can do. A trophy on the wall is a good way to start.

Think wooden textures

Should you not be able to build a hunting lodge in the woods (not many are as fortunate to afford such a thing), think about bringing the interior décor of your home up to your preferences. Hunting themes are always closely related to wooden textures.

You might not turn the walls in your home in walls made of wooden logs, but you can display artwork that reminds you of the forest and a genuine hunting lodge.

Choose warm colors

Earthy colors, nuances of yellow and brown, create beautiful designs that are the most adequate for a hunting theme. That will also create a sensation of comfort that will make you feel like you are coming home each time you return from a hunting trip.

Add a stone fireplace

What could make your home have a rustic feel more than a stone fireplace? It doesn’t matter that it will be fueled by gas; as long as it looks the part, that’s what you’re aiming for. You will notice right away that your home will have a vintage feel that will make it more comfortable and cozier.

Comfortable, sturdy furniture

Another thing that genuine hunting lodges have is sturdy furniture. Think about acquiring some tables and chairs made from solid wood. To increase comfort, opt for a sofa in the same warm colors you used for the entire décor.

Replace the floors

Even if you can’t turn the entire house into a wooden lodge, you can work on some areas. For instance, you can opt for wooden floors. There are many options now available on the market, and these modern alternatives offer several advantages, such as the fact that they don’t stain easily.

Just make sure that the wooden floors you pick will match the rest of the elements you’ve chosen so far. As long as everything matches, you will enjoy a beautiful décor that’s a perfect fit for the hunter you are.

Opt for rustic carpets and rugs

Wooden floors are very comfortable, but they can be even more when covered by rugs and carpets. The idea to bear in mind is to go for the rustic look or even some furs. Nothing spells incredible comfort more than a fur placed in front of the fireplace.

In case you’re not interested in remodeling your own house, but you have a friend who likes hunting, some excellent Xmas gifts for hunters include such elements of design. Runners that can be placed over furniture are a good idea, as well.

Break the pattern with some plants

If there is a drawback to hunting themes, that should be the fact that all those earthy tones used for the walls, floors, and furniture, could get quite dull. To break the pattern, pick some green plants and place them in strategic positions. You will notice an increase in comfort, too.


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