Gardening During The Summer – Tips To Cope With The Heat

Gardening During The Summer - Tips To Cope With The Heat

Summer is the perfect time to soak up the sunshine and spend your days gardening in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, extensive heat can negatively impact the health of your plants and flowers, unless you take care! Below are some summer gardening tips from Thetreecentre that can ensure your garden stays healthy and fresh.

Water Sparingly

During the heat, many gardeners make the mistake of watering their plants daily. Instead of constantly drenching plants in water, make it a point to thoroughly water your garden weekly. Watering is most beneficial when done in the mornings versus midday. 

The only exception to this rule is window boxes or planters with perennials. Those kinds of plants thrive when you soak them with water daily. It’s also important to ensure they aren’t in direct sunlight all day. Any shrubs or trees that are two years old or younger will also require special attention when it comes to regular waterings.

Caring For Your Lawn

During drought, it is possible that the grass on your lawn may turn brown. This is perfectly normal, and once temperatures drop and the rainy season ensues, your lawn will turn green again. During the summer months, it is also advisable to let your grass grow taller as the length of the blades will help the earth retain moisture and shield the grass better from sun exposure.

Pay Attention To Your Veggie Garden

Most fruits and vegetables are pretty tolerant of heat, but some may require special attention from you. For example, lettuce and broccoli are two types of veggies that require extra water in order to flourish as they do not tolerate the heat well. 

Weeding Your Garden

Weeds are a nuisance and an eyesore in every garden, but most importantly, they sap precious nutrients from your plants. It is crucial to regularly weed your garden to ensure these pesky weeds don’t attract pests or spread diseases to your flowers.

Taking Care Of Yourself

When gardening during the summertime, it’s vital to focus on your own health and safety as well. Drink plenty of water to ensure you’re adequately hydrated, and always avoid gardening midday. Keep your gardening sessions to the morning hours or early evening when temperatures tend to drop into more tolerable ranges and won’t take their toll on your health.