How To Throw The Ultimate Pool Party

How To Throw The Ultimate Pool Party

Attending a pool party is, indeed, a fun and memorable event for everyone. Because of this, if you’re the one planning, it may take a toll on you since the expectations may be too high, causing you stress and discouragement. 

To help make your pool party a success, here are some pointers that you may follow:

Pick A Theme

Having an ultimate pool party entails having a theme that elevates your event. But, how do you come up with the right theme?  Basically, there’s no limit when it comes to creating a theme for your pool party. Hence, depending on your budget, you can go for a beach party, pirate pool, baby shark, or a Great Gatsby theme. As long as it’s nautically related, then go for it! 

Additionally, you can also choose current trends as a theme. For instance, having an outdoor movie night (you can pick a movie that gravitates around water), then have your guests dress up like characters from that movie. 

The importance of having a theme in mind first is the fact that it’ll make the task of choosing decorations and the necessary swimming pool accessories much easier. 

Have The Right Decorations

Take note that having the most brilliant theme in mind would be futile if you don’t have the relevant decorations. In fact, your decorations are responsible for transforming your pool party from drab to fab! As a tip, add a fancy welcome sign at the entrance or the walkway to your pool. Doing so will instill the prospect of fun. Next, to further wow your guests, make sure to decorate the snack table in accordance with your chosen theme. 

For instance, if you opt for a sailor theme, you want to add some navy blue, red, and while all over the place. To appease children with a mermaid or underwater theme, attach some mermaid tails, shells, and decorative crabs on the wall or on the table. 

Essentially, let your imagination run wild when decorating, but don’t forget to stick to the pool party theme. 

Send Out Invitations

Now that you have a theme and the right decorations in mind, you can now proceed to send out invitations for your ultimate pool party. If you want an easy and straightforward process, then you can opt for a digital party invitation, like sending emails. Additionally, you can also buy some pre-designed invitations at your local party store or online.

Even if the rise of digital platforms, like Facebook, makes sending invitations much easier, nothing beats the personalization of paper invitations. In addition to adding an extra dash of personalization, a paper invitation would also imply that you’ve put in the extra effort to make the party a success, implanting the prospect of a fun time for potential attendees. 

To make your paper invitation stand out and instill fun, don’t forget to include plenty of details on what you’ve planned. Essentially, you want to give the receiver some hints on what the party is all about, but don’t reveal everything on the invitation so they’ll be excited to come. Most importantly, ensure that you ask for RSVPs.

Have A Grill

An ultimate pool party wouldn’t be ultimate without food!  Hence, since you’re having the party outdoors, grilling can be the star of the show. 

This being said, ensure that the necessary materials, like the grill, propane tank, matches, and gas, are working or conveniently available days before the event. This way, you’ll ensure that your guests won’t be hungry throughout the party. Also, make sure that you have sufficient utensils. 

After checking the materials, you can then proceed to buy the meat, chicken, hotdogs, or veggies for grilling. Hence, don’t forget to ask your guests regarding their diet (whether they eat meat or not) so you can plan accordingly, which is why the RSVP is important. 

Plan Fun Events And Games

Now that your guests are already satiated from your grilling recipes, you can then make your pool party a true success by having some pool party games. To have one, you can install a basketball hoop or volleyball net suited for your pool. Then, allow your guests to play the water variation of such sports. You can also try the classic game of Marco Polo or water tag. 

Basically, you want to give people things to do. This is because they don’t just come there to eat your grilled food, but they also expect to have some fun in your pool. And, swimming won’t just cut it for an ultimate pool party. Thus, incorporate fun games or even tournaments. 

Takeaway: Keep Safety In Mind

Summer Fun with a Father and Son in a Swimming Pool

By following the tips mentioned above, you may turn your pool party into something that’s fit for Hollywood celebrities. However, it won’t become a memorable and ultimate pool party if there’s someone injured at the event. Hence, despite having plenty of fun, always keep safety in mind, especially if there are kids involved, and the fact that the pool is susceptible to slip and fall. For your pool party to be safe, don’t allow any roughhousing while in the pool. Additionally, don’t let the adults consume too much alcohol. Thus, maintain strict safety rules, yet have an atmosphere of fun!


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