7 Reasons Why You Need Regular Pest Control Services

7 Reasons Why You Need Regular Pest Control Services

The average American house has hundreds of types of bugs living inside.

Worse yet, that’s just an estimation of the number of species that dwell in the typical abode. The actual quantity of insects is usually much higher. 

As such, it’s essential to safeguard your space with regular pest control. And the number of bugs is just one major reason for doing it — here are seven more justifications for hiring pest control services for routine check-ins. 

1. An Exterminator Can Customize Your Treatment

Every home is different, and not just for its aesthetics. Inside, your potential pest problems are unique to even your next-door neighbor’s. 

An exterminator can come in and identify the weaknesses in your home’s exterior. They can pinpoint the entryways through which bugs and rodents make their way inside. 

Plus, an exterminator can provide an individualized treatment to get rid of the pests your home faces. Rather than buying a generic insect spray, for example, they will lay down traps for ants, cockroaches or any other particular pest that won’t leave your house. 

And an effective, targeted treatment will be more effective than the generic, over-the-counter solutions you can find in a store. 

2. Regular Pest Control Keeps You Safe

Next, consider this when you ask yourself, why do I need pest control

Many types of pests can bring viruses, bacteria and disease into your home. For example, a mouse can spread listeria or salmonellosis through their droppings. Mosquitoes can bite you and transmit viruses, including the highly infectious and dangerous West Nile Virus. 

But if you have an exterminator who comes by regularly, you don’t have to worry about these potential illnesses as much. Instead, their routine care will keep your home — and your family — protected. 

3. You’ll Protect the Pantry

Lots of common household pests head into your home in search of food. This problem affects business owners who are trying to run restaurants or maintain clean break rooms. As soon as bugs get in and find something to eat, they stick around — and wreak havoc. 

The same goes for homeowners who have food on hand for themselves and their family members. If ants get into the pantry or roaches find baking supplies in the cabinet, they’ll stick around. And it’s tough to get rid of them without a little bit of help.

Not only can your exterminator get rid of these pests, but they can prevent them from coming back, as well. So, with regular pest control services, you can keep these bugs at bay. 

4. Regular Pest Control Can Prevent Property Damage

Some pests come in for food. Sure, they ravage the pantry, but they don’t cause any damage to the structure of your home. 

But some highly destructive creatures will come in and wreak havoc on the foundation of your abode. Termites, for example, will eat the wood between the walls or in your attic. When given enough time, they can chew through entire boards and cause severe damage. 

Your exterminator will keep an eye out for signs of this kind of destruction or anything else caused by insects or rodents. Getting ahead of the problem will save you time and money down the line. 

5. You’ll Receive Actionable Pest Control Tips

Sure, you can find plenty of advice for getting rid of common pests on the internet. But none of those tidbits have to do with your house and your problems specifically. 

Once your exterminator becomes familiar with your property and your situation, they can provide you with the right steps for keeping bugs and rodents out of your home. That way, you can maintain their work until their next visit. 

This benefit applies to both indoor bugs and common garden pests, as well. Your exterminator can do the majority of the work before giving you steps to maintain it long after they leave. 

6. Regular Pest Control Maintains Your Property Value

Before selling your home, it will likely face an inspection to reassure potential buyers that it’s in tip-top shape. You can avoid any surprises down the line by investing in pest control now. You can refer to this list of the best pest control companies that can help you find a reliable and trustworthy company to work with.

As previously mentioned, particular insects and rodents can compromise the structure of your property. Discovering such a problem at inspection time would be a massive hit to your bottom line. The buyer could back out, or they could demand that you lower the price to account for the damage. 

Instead, get ahead of the problem with regular pest control. Your exterminator can keep these issues at bay so that you can guarantee a safe and secure environment for the next person to move into it. You’ll maintain your high price tag when it’s time to sell because of it. 

7. You’ll Have Peace of Mind

Finally, you don’t want to have to worry about these bothersome bugs and rodents infiltrating your property. You just want to come home, relax and enjoy your time with your family. 

Once you invest in regular pest control services, you’ll be able to do just that. Your exterminator will keep the place secure and sanitary, freeing up your time to do more — or relax — when you get home. 

For most homeowners, it’s that peace of mind that makes the service most worthwhile. 

Invest in Regular Pest Control

Clearly, there are so many reasons why you should consider scheduling regular pest control. It’s good for your property, your health and your peace of mind. So, find an exterminator who can check in at a regular clip and forget about it — it’s their responsibility now, and they will carry it well.

To make sure pests don’t come back into your home, reach out to Drake Lawn & Pest Control for a free home inspection.

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