How to Stage a Home for Sale in Boston, MA

How to Stage a Home for Sale in Boston, MA

Have you just decided to sell your home in Boston, MA?

Well, there’s good news and bad news.

The bad? Selling your house isn’t (as the millions of Americans who do it each year know too well) as straightforward as it might sound. It takes time, money, and a whole lot of hard work.

The good? Knowing how to stage a home will make the process ten times easier.

Like getting dolled up for a date, making your property look its best will impress would-be buyers who look around it. They’ll be more likely to make an offer as a result! Done well, you stand to sell your home far faster and for a more competitive price to boot.

Want to learn how to do it? Keep reading to discover our top tips for home staging success.

Clean and Tidy

First thing’s first; dig out the vacuum cleaner, find the feather duster, and grab the mop and bucket. It’s time to do some deep cleaning!

Be as thorough as possible from top to bottom in your bid to make everything shine. Why?

Because nobody wants to buy a dirty house! Aside from it being a bit gross, all that dirt, dust, and grime sends the wrong signals about you as a homeowner. It suggests that you don’t take good care of your property, which is a major turn-off for would-be buyers.

Houses that are sparkling clean do the opposite. Anybody who looks around will see the house at its best, which is a natural boon in terms of enticing offers.

Create More Space

Don’t stop with the cleaning though!

It’s important to remove as much clutter as possible from the premises as well. Now’s the perfect time to throw away (or place in storage) any personal items, furniture, or decorative goods that you no longer need. In doing so, you’ll create a more attractive environment, free up space, and reveal the potential of each room.

The result? Aspiring buyers are more likely to appreciate what they see.

After all, spacious houses are always more appealing than compact, claustrophobic ones. They’re lighter, airier, and have a more open atmosphere. People who look around will take a far greater interest in the process.

Fix Up Any Problems

Would you want to buy a house that’s jam-packed with structural and aesthetic problems?

Of course not.

Unless they’re a developer looking for a new project, your prospective buyers will be the same. The last thing they want is to spend even more time and money on essential repairs. They want a house that’s as close to perfection as possible!

That’s why it’s important to identify any household issues (big or small) and fix them up.

Don’t fancy going to the trouble? An alternative approach would be to reduce the asking price and be upfront about the problems. Any buyers on the hunt for a bargain might be tempted by the discount price despite the underlying issues.

Do Some Painting

Making your house more attractive to buyers is one of the best ways to sell your home faster. Even better, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

A quick coat of fresh paint could be all it takes. For a negligible expense, you can give your home a whole new lease of life! The living space will seem fresher, lighter, and a lot more modern.

That’s good news when it comes to finding a buyer.

Depersonalize the Home

A key part of staging a home is depersonalizing it. In other words, you want to remove all evidence that this is your house!

That means having no family photos on the walls or magnets from past vacations on the fridge. It means clearing away dog toys and removing obscure artwork. It means doing whatever it takes to turn your home into a blank canvas.

Succeed, and you’ll end up with something akin to a showroom. People who look around will be able to imagine themselves living there in the process.

The paintwork we just talked about comes in handy here as well. Having neutral colors on the walls will a) appeal to a larger number of people, and b) contribute to the generic show home aesthetic you’re aiming for.

Tend the Front Garden

Staging shouldn’t be restricted to the inside of your property either. The outside is just as important.

After all, this is the first thing people see when they come for a viewing. They’ll judge the state of your front yard and make assumptions about the inside as a result.

That’s why it pays to get your garden in good shape.

Mow the lawn, trim the hedges, weed the flower beds, and so on. You could even plant some new flowers to create an attractive splash of color and a delightful scent with which to greet your guests. Oh, and think about buying a new mailbox if your current one’s looking tired and dilapidated too!

You’d be surprised how small details like these will leave a lasting impression on prospective buyers. It’s evidence that you’re house-proud and take good care of the property. They’ll assume that the rest of the house must be in equally good condition.

Now You Know How to Stage a Home

Selling your house can be a challenge sometimes. But it doesn’t have to be. The process will be much easier for anyone who learns how to stage a home properly.

It all comes down to maximizing the aesthetic appeal of the property. Done well, home staging makes a house more attractive to buyers and entices more offers as a result. All told, you stand to sell the house faster and for a higher price.

We hope the tips in this post will help in that regard! Keep them in mind and you should sell your house in Boston MA with far less trouble. Want to read more articles like this one? Search ‘real estate’ on the website now.


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