How To Sell A House Without Doing A Renovation In Houston, Texas

How To Sell A House Without Doing A Renovation In Houston, Texas

When it’s time to sell your house in Houston, Texas, for one reason or two, it’s easy for you to feel like you’re the ugly duckling on the block, especially if your property needs work. Without investing money in a bunch of upgrades, it can be intimidating to have it listed on the market. You’ll think your house is the old one with the old floors, the one with the bad yard, the house with the broken this and that. The truth is that not everyone has the money, let alone the time to really fix their fixer-upper up before selling it.

If you’re planning to sell a house in Houston, Texas, that actually needs repair, but you, unfortunately, don’t have the funds to renovate it first, then this guide is for you.

1. Learn About Your Ideal Buyer Pool

It’s essential to note that some buyers are actually willing to put the work into a certain property despite it being a fixer-upper. It can be that they want to have the opportunity to design the house themselves during the renovation process and exactly follow what they want. Other reasons include building equity or making money by reselling it after doing the fixing-up themselves. Indeed, people who are interested in buying fixer-uppers in Houston, Texas, see the potential in a home over its perfection. They’re unlike traditional buyers who only want something complete or ready for immediate use.

Fixer-upper homes, of course, aren’t for everyone. Some people don’t want to buy a fixer-upper, while others are absolutely ecstatic about the idea. Indeed, three types of buyers are actually willing to roll up their sleeves and upgrade and renovate one. You’ve got the house-flipping or the we-buy-house companies such as Very Fast Home Buyers, the deal hunters, and remodelers. It’s best to target them when you want to sell your house without doing any renovations.

2. Clean The Inside Of Your House Deeply

Another way to increase your chances of getting your house sold even without renovating it is to have it cleaned up. It’s pretty basic, yes, but it certainly does make an impact. Make sure to deeply clean your property from top to bottom, then keep it tidy until it gets sold.

Cleaning a house is one of the often neglected chores when selling a property. Many people do it half-heartedly. However, it’s something that you don’t want to take for granted, especially if you know that your house actually needs some work. You can clean the inside of your property yourself, for the process to cost nothing. Still, if you’re willing to spend a small amount of money on hiring professional deep cleaning services, it’s undoubtedly well worth your money. Your carpets and curtains could certainly do with some professional touch. Always remember that your house will sell faster if it stands head and shoulders above the competition. It might even get more interest!

3. Clean Up The Yard

Another area of your property you want to make sure is cleaned up deeply is your yard. One of the best ways that homeowners who wish to sell their homes can make an excellent first impression on potential buyers is landscaping. You don’t have to add landscaping, though. What you can do instead is to improve and clean up the existing one in your yard. Simply planting a few potted flowers, mowing grass, cleaning up weeds, and maintaining your deck or patio can work wonders. Yes, forget about expensive landscape designs.

4. Declutter Your Home

You can also make your house look bigger by getting rid of the clutter. Potential buyers, of course, want a property that’s tidy and well-ordered.

A bonus you’ll get from decluttering your home before selling is that you’ll experience catharsis. It, of course, will help you mentally prepare as you move to a new chapter in your life, a new place to live.

The best thing to do is to donate as many items as possible and throw away some more. Also, check to see if you have full-to-bursting storage areas and closets. If they are, consider thinning down the house further. Make sure that your storage areas and cupboards aren’t more than 75% full. If there isn’t enough space for you, serious buyers will also assume there’s not enough for them after looking inside your cupboards.

Don’t let potential buyers in Houston, Texas, pass on your house just because you’ve forgotten to declutter it.

5. Bring Up Renovation Loans When Listing Your House

If potential buyers go the renovation loans route, they factor in the renovation’s projected costs when calculating their total loan amount. Buyers are then able to get approval for a bigger loan. They’ll also receive the money in phases so that they can pay for each stage of the renovations. These make renovation loans one of the most effective and useful tools you can utilize when selling your fixer-upper.

Final Thoughts

Another crucial step you can take is to price your house correctly. It’s a bit of a form of art, and you have to do it right to attract more potential buyers. One thing you can do to price it accordingly is to know if you’re selling the property in a seller’s or a buyer’s market. Also, look at recent sales in Houston, Texas, especially those homes that are similar to yours, and hone in on the reasonable but perfect price.


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