How to Renovate Your Luxury Home With the Most Impact

How to Renovate Your Luxury Home With the Most Impact

The decision to renovate your luxury home is a big one, mainly because of the inconvenience and expense associated with the process. For those reasons, you want to make sure that the hassle and inconvenience make the absolute most impact you can manage.

One of the main reasons people go astray on their renovation decisions is an imbalance of information. That is, they see a single feature advertised, and they get too emotionally attached to the inclusion of that feature in the house.

This distraction can get very expensive and return very little money. Sure, the installation of drawers under a stairwell is a clever and efficient way to store things, but if your home already features large walk-in closets and storage in the basement or attic, it’s not worthwhile. Those eye-catching features can steer you to the wrong work in the wrong place.

Conversely, a versatile component like Corian countertops or insulated windows can prove to be a great choice. Here’s how you can sort through the overwhelming variety of products and settle on the projects you need to do:

Frequency Of Room Use

If your home includes seldom-used spaces like guest bedrooms or formal dining rooms, it can be very easy to let them develop a dated look. When it comes time to renovate, we often think of these rooms first because they have been neglected for years.

But the first sign that it’s not worth doing is that the old dรฉcor has endured long enough to look dated. If the trim work has been bumped and scratched, the floors dulled, and the windows worn with heavy use, it’s obviously worth renovating. But a room that is out of style more than it is out of functionality should probably be lower on the list.

Conversely, our busiest and hardest-working rooms should get our attention first. Kitchen countertops may have stains or knife scratches, and those in the bathroom may be scuffed from dropped curling irons or frequent cleaning. Favor rooms that are worn out, not out of style. Then update them for both purposes.

Renovations That Will Save Money

The most common reason people renovate is to update the look of the home. But sometimes it can be well worth your money to replace something that still works well and looks good.

Windows are a great example. Even if they open smoothly and look great, they may not be very energy-efficient. You can replace them with better-insulated units and dramatically improve your home’s heating and cooling costs. The same can go for faucets and light fixtures.

Safety is another good reason. The hardwood stair treads that were already in place in the home when you bought it would be a great target for replacement once you have young children attempting to navigate them. Cover them with carpet for a safer option that will also be cheaper to upgrade at the next renovation.

Options For A Quick Increase In Value

If your plan is to sell the home at some point, there are renovations you can do that will increase its curb appeal. Potential buyers love to see modern features, efficient appliances, and beautiful colors inside, but they are first captured by what they see from the outside.

If shutters, siding, porch surfaces, and concrete sidewalks are looking dated, discolored, or worn, those renovations are worth doing. People perceive that a home with a good exterior will be less likely to develop leaks, drafts, and other problems.

Many of these upgrades can require only a good cleaning by a professional. The accumulation of moss on sidewalks or siding can be quickly dispatched by a pressure-cleaning surface, and many of these contractors offer treatments to prevent recurrence.

Renovation is an exciting and complex activity. Staying on track requires planning ahead. If you focus on the most beneficial activities, you will have a better impact and a better priceย tag.


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