How To Recruit And Retain Real Estate Agents

How To Recruit And Retain Real Estate Agents

Real estate agencies often struggle to recruit real estate agents for their organizations, but the talent is what separates the best firms from the rest. The ideal strategy for a broker to attract real estate agents is to be aware of the roadblocks that arise during the hiring process. Not utilizing the appropriate technology or CRM can be one of the barriers to attracting skilled real estate agents. It could also mean ignoring online sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. The first step in overcoming the competition is identifying and addressing the top obstacles for real estate recruitment in your agency or brokerage. We’ll look at four quick steps in this post that can help you effectively recruit real estate agents for your firm.

1. Start By Having Your Digital Systems In Place

Nowadays, it’s all about digital transformations. If you want more millennials and Gen-Z employees at your firm, you must first ensure that you are present on the social media platforms where they spend the majority of their time — Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on. Look for passive real estate agents with a strong social media presence, as well as active candidates.

2. Use Accurate Keywords In Your Job Description

Find out some of the most prevalent keywords that recruiters use to do job searches on platforms like LinkedIn by doing some research. You should take detailed notes on these keywords and treat this as an SEO endeavour, almost as if you were competing for first place on Google. The only difference is that you’re attempting to get your job ad at the top of the search results. Recruiters and candidates alike use LinkedIn, which is one of the most popular social media platforms. As a result, use it to find candidates ahead of time.

3. Build An Attractive Compensation & Commission Scheme

Given the global economy’s increasing battle for talent and the fierce competition for real estate agents, one of the greatest methods to attract and retain real estate agents is to offer a competitive salary and commission structure. Compensation packages must be designed to be competitive in the market and to achieve short- and long-term strategic objectives. 

4. Virtual Recruiting Events Are Significant

Holding virtual career fairs or recruiting events is another wonderful approach to attract fresh talent and assist individuals to understand the benefits of a career in real estate. If you’re bored of the same old outreach methods like phone calls, text messages, or emails, this is a great alternative. Instead, use any live chat service and host a webinar to inform potential applicants on the benefits of joining your agency and how it will help them advance in their careers.


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