How to Prepare Your AC For Spring and Summer

How to Prepare Your AC For Spring and Summer

Summer is coming.

One of the best spring cleaning jobs you can undertake is AC maintenance. Maintenance can help you save money, keep your home safe and improve your indoor air quality.

Soon, your HVAC system will need to be working overtime, so it needs to be ready for peak performance. What can you do to ensure your HVAC is summer-ready?

Read our short guide and pick up some great AC maintenance tips for this upcoming summer season.

Check On the Outside Unit

The first step to preparing your AC for summer is to look at the part of the unit that sits outside of your building. Bad weather and high winds may have clogged it with leaves or sticks that will inhibit its functionality. Ensure nothing is blocked here first before checking the inside.

Change Your Air Filter

You should replace your air filters every month or so, as they get dirty. The amount of time may differ if you have a smoker or lots of pets in the house.

Check the state of your filter, especially if you have not looked at it since last summer. If it needs replacing, make sure you get a new one. A clogged filter will not function and may ultimately lead to a breakdown that requires an AC replacement.

Clean Out the Ductwork

The ducts in your HVAC system can be a hang-out for dust, pollen, and all kinds of mold and mildew spores. If the system has not been used for a while, there may be some build-up inside the ducts.

If you suspect a blockage or a lot of dirt inside, get a professional company to come in and give the ducts a proper clean. That way, you can avoid all the settled dust filling your home when you run the air conditioning for the first time and triggering allergies.

Give it a Test Run

Before you need it for the first time, ensure you give the system a test run by starting up the system. Listen out for any strange noise or bad odors coming from the ducts. Check to see if it is producing cool air.

Blockages or leaks in the system may have developed while it wasn’t under heavy use. Better to discover them before you need the use the system than after. The last thing you need is a breakdown of your air-conditioning during the hottest months.

Get a Professional Calibration

Getting a professional examination and tune-up of your system before the summer is one of the best AC maintenance tips. Most professionals recommend that you have a biannual inspection in spring and fall.

Choose an HVAC company with the right experience and testimonials behind them so that you can trust their advice. A professional inspection will show any problems with the entire HVAC system before they become an issue, or worse yet, a major breakdown.

Keep Your System Summer-Ready with Regular AC Maintenance

Regular AC maintenance means that you have to do less regular AC repair. Prevention of problems is always cheaper in the long run. Avoid the expense of having to fix a broken system.

Use these AC maintenance tips to ensure that your device is in its best shape and ready to keep you cool throughout the long, hot days of summer.

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