How to Paint Like a Pro – Top 4 Interior Painting Methods for New Homeowners

How to Paint Like a Pro - Top 4 Interior Painting Methods for New Homeowners

Did you know that painting a house before putting it up for sale means that you can add 1-3% more to the sale price? If you are planning on selling your home in the near future then this might be an investment you want to make or if you recently bought a home then you might be ready to paint it yourself.

Keep reading for our top tips on how to paint like a pro.

1. Weather Plays a Big Key

The last thing you want to do is waste your time painting when it is rainy and humid. Painting in humidity means that your paint will drip and will take a long time to dry. Wait for a day that is sunny and warmer vs rainy and humid and you will not have to deal with the paint dripping or taking longer to dry.

Even using a professional painter like Salgado Painting they prefer to paint on a day without humidity. If you decide to hire aย professional painting company, check out Gustafson painting for more information.

2. Empty Out the Room

The best way to paint each room is to take everything out before getting to work. If you have larger pieces of furniture then you can cover those instead but take the time to ensure that they are completely covered to avoid any accidental paint drops.

Drop cloths and painter’s tape will become your best friends. A high-quality drop cloth will ensure that you do not get any paint on the floor.

3. Fix Cracks and Dents

Any cracks or areas peeling have to be lightly sanded or scraped before you can put primer and paint over them. If you paint on top of cracks or peeling paint it will pull the old paint loose and you will have to redo everything again.

You will waste both time and money painting over walls that are not prepped.

4. Quality Paint

If you want your paint job to last then do not be cheap on the type of paint you buy. Buy high-quality paint that is scrubbable and paint resistant. You want something that wipes down easily especially if you have kids.

Good paint will not come cheap, a good top-shelf paint will cost a minimum of $20-$35 per gallon or more. You also do not want to skimp on the amount of paint you use. Two coats will give you the best looking final job.

Now You Know How to Paint Like a Pro

If you follow the tips above on how to paint like a pro your home will look brand new in no time. Don’t forget that sometimes there will be accidents – they happen. For those small incidents make sure to keep a sponge brush on hand to help you blend patches with the rest of the wall as needed. Dabbing on the paint with the sponge will mimic the look of a roller. Did you learn something new today? Please feel free to browse around and check out some of our other helpful posts.


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