How To Identify Requirements Of A Storm Restoration Professional?

How To Identify Requirements Of A Storm Restoration Professional?

When you are performing inspections after a huge storm like a hurricane, several damages may be encountered.  If your roofing or siding is strong enough to withstand the storm, it is good. But you should go for restoration services after each storm to protect your roof from the next storm. You should therefore identify the signs when you require a storm restoration professional.

Damage from Winds

During the storms, winds are strong enough to tear away the shingles and lift the edges of your roof, says Chiang Rai Times.ย  It can even knock down the gutters and can even tear the shingles. Large debris like tree branches or patio furniture can get stuck on the windows, roof, and sidings. These sidings may result in huge damage and even may require roof or siding replacements by the storm restoration professional.

Missing Shingles

This is a very obvious sign when you require a storm restoration service. With huge forces of wind, the edges of the shingles can be lifted and torn off.ย  This occurs when the roof is old, like 15 years, where the nails and the seams may not be as strong as they were 15 years ago. Missing shingles is the obvious sign that needs to be addressed immediately. You should call the restoration professionals and help the shingles to get replaced. Storm restoration in St Maryโ€™s County will be done by qualified professionals who are experienced in roof treatments.

Hail Damages

Though large hails are not very common, small hailstones are enough in damaging the roof of your house. Small hailstones may lead to holes, dents in your windows or sidings, or broken gutters that can cause a huge loss of granules which acts as the first line of defense. When the granules are gone by the winds, the roofs are susceptible to further damage and leaks.

Visible Granule Loss of Shingles

When you have an asphalt shingle roof, you may notice dark spots that may look like dents or holes, which are granule loss. The small granules that cover your shingles may go away. When left unrepaired, the spots are susceptible to leaks. You may also look for granules in your downspouts or gutters, which means they flowed down to the gutters or broke off from the hail. This is a sign that you require a professional inspection of your roof.

Lifted, Dented, or Cracked Shingles

If the shingles are dented, cracked, or lifted, these are all the signs that the roof is damaged. When you are hit by any severe hailstorm, you should observe closely for dented or cracked shingles. Though some hail damages are hard to see from a distance, some dents may have small cracks, which will allow the water to get in, risking further damage.


You should identify all the signs of storm damage for restoration treatment. When the shingles are damaged, like cracked, lifted, or dented, you should call a restoration professional. Storm Restoration services will also be required for the hail damages or the visible granule loss of shingles.


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