How to Find the Perfect Studio Apartment for Rent in Dubai

How to Find the Perfect Studio Apartment for Rent in Dubai

If you are looking to move out from under your parents’ roof and are single, now may be a good time to find an apartment for rent. One of the apartments you might be looking for is a studio apartment.

Studio apartments are wonderful because they are designed with one person in mind and are easily maintained by that one person. However, there are certain downsides to a studio apartment, the most notable of which is that you will be sacrificing some privacy.

If privacy does not matter to you, or all you can afford for the time being is a furnished studio apartment for rent in Dubai, then you should still consider getting one. Here is our guide for finding the perfect studio apartment for rent for you.

Know Your Budget

The first thing to know before even looking at the apartments for rent is, “what is my budget?” If you your budget is very small, then you can eliminate a handful of potential studio apartments by simply selecting a budget range on a real estate portal or broker’s website.

By knowing your budget, we mean that you need to know where the higher end of your budget is. You also need to know how far over that budget you can go before having to make serious sacrifices to your livelihood. Establishing this early one will remove the need to scan through every single real estate portal or broker listing.


If you don’t have a car, you want to be located closer to a center of entertainment and shopping. This is so that you do not have to walk a long distance in order to purchase what your apartment needs. The location you choose should thus be within walking distance from restaurants, shopping, and so on.

This also works if you do have a car. If you do not like driving into the middle of the city during rush hour, it may make sense to get an apartment near public transportation, so you do not have to drive into the city. So, location still applies regardless of whether you have a car.

Know How Much Space You Will Need

If you do not know how much space you will need, you might run into an awkward situation where you have signed a lease, but then cannot fit all the belongings that you own. This leads to a situation where you will have to either sell off some belongings or have a very cramped area.

By knowing how much space you will need, you can establish how small an apartment can be before it becomes uncomfortable. This will enable you to get an apartment that is the correct size and fits your budget.

Be Prepared to Make Sacrifices

It is highly unlikely that a studio apartment for rent that you find will either be the right size or the right price or will have something else wrong with it entirely. You should be prepared to make sacrifices when you are able to. For instance, the bed area might be too small, but the rest of the area is fine.

Or perhaps the apartment goes slightly over budget, in which case you will need to sacrifice going out as often as you would like. Knowing the upper and lower limits of almost everything that will be involved in looking for an apartment will help you know when you will need to make sacrifices.


Finally, use your intuition. If you go to a walkthrough of the studio apartment for rent, and something does not feel right, trust your gut. More oftentimes than not, if your intuition tells you that something is wrong, there problem is something wrong, even if you cannot tell what it is at the moment.


By using intuition, being prepared to make sacrifices, and knowing your limits for rent and dimensions, you will be able to find the right studio apartment for rent for you. We wish you luck in your apartment hunting experience.


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