How To Choose The Right Motorcycle Cover: 2023 Guide

How To Choose The Right Motorcycle Cover: 2023 Guide

In recent times, motorcycles have increasingly become as popular as four-wheeler vehicles as a means of transport. Recent studies show that in 2021, over 50 million motorcycles were purchased globally, just a bit fewer than cars bought within the same period.

Makers of motorcycles have fashioned their brands to serve varying degrees of purpose, right from daily commuting, long-distance travel, fun cruise, sports race, etc. 

It is, however, seemingly more embraced by a minute set of individuals who dare to be adventurous. We’d say owning or riding a motorbike is an experience you don’t want to miss out on in a lifetime. Trust us, there are safety measures reassuring enough for a try.

Having purchased a motorcycle, it should last a long time and be sustained in full function while being in perfect condition. Whether your bike spends a long time parked in the garage or outdoors, a cover is a necessity. 

Whether you are a newbie or not, the more knowledge you have about motorcycles, the better prepared you are about the use, maintenance, and potential issues attached to yours in particular. Adequate prior information and personal experience serve as effectively as your manufacturer’s manual if you ask me. 

This article is dedicated to maintenance needs, with a focus on the protection of your motorcycle’s external features with the use of motorcycle covers. Here goes:

Why You Need a Motorcycle Cover

A motorcycle cover is one major step to consider investing in if your bike is to be left outside or inside for an extended period. What are you protecting it against?

1. Harsh Weather Conditions

Water, vapor, strong winds, hot weather, and the effects from sun rays have a high tendency of posing a threat, causing irreversible damage to a motorcycle as the major component of a bike is metallic. It goes without saying that the internal features are as well at risk as exposed as the external features are. Any exposure to moisture on the outside can seep through open surfaces such as vents, and get into sensitive parts such as the engine. 

The seat, generally made of leather, is also worthy of protection from these adverse environmental factors.

2. Theft

Motorcycle Cover designers are up to speed with users’ concerns about unwelcome handling and ultimately, theft of the motorcycle. Security is the goal here. Ever nursed a fear of parking your toy, going off for a while, then coming back to see it tampered with, parts damaged, stolen, or worse off, the whole bike gone? Panic mode activated*

To avoid the above and to obtain an enjoyable, little cost maintenance, and long-lasting relationship with your motorcycle, you have to be open to investing a worthy amount in a motorcycle cover.

Features to Look For in a Motorcycle Cover 

When looking out for a suitable motorcycle cover, whether online or in a walk-in shop, you sure have the mindset to go for a brand suited to your taste, based on quality and durability. You should also prioritize the following:

1. Waterproof

Motorcycle covers that are waterproof prevent rain, snow, and any other type of liquid from damaging your motorcycle body as well as stopping internal features from getting affected. 

Rust is something you want to avoid, as it not only defaces your bike surface but can cause damage bad enough to send you to a repairer an annoying number of times.

2. Heat-resistance

Living in an environment with high exposure to ultraviolet rays is just as much of a concern as moisture build-up. Harsh sunlight does not only fade out your motorcycle paint color, serious heat triggers increased wear and tear for critical parts of the motorcycle. The tires made of rubber, constantly exposed to the ground suffer huge effects from intense heat.

3. Materials with inner lining

A motorcycle cover should not pose as much harm as good to your motorcycle. Materials that protect on the inside as much as on the outside, should be considered. Scratches on the external coverings of your bike can be caused by the use of rough-textured coverings such as tarpaulin and plastic.

You should also prioritize a material with enough air allowance to prevent molds.

You might want to insist on a motorcycle cover made of any of these materials:

  • Cotton: is a well-ventilated material that is suitable for indoor bike body covers. It can protect your bike from dust and scratches, but may not be considered as durable or resistant to water as other materials.
  • Polyester: is lightweight and easily resistant to fading. It is also considered to be quite inexpensive compared to other materials.
  • PVC or vinyl: serves the heavy-duty purpose. It is designed to withstand more damaging external conditions. Although more expensive than other materials, it’s your reliable option for long-term use.

4. Safe-lock

Care about avoiding theft? The motorcycle cover market provides a wide range of options with features that come with proper locks to ensure the security of your motorcycle.

5. Cover Storage 

Here is one factor that’s easily missed when choosing a motorcycle cover. Traveling a long distance away from home would require you to move with your bike cover. When considering a purchase, you want to look out for one that is convenient for transportation. 

Heavy-duty outdoor covers with heat-resistant panels are mostly made of thick material that can be quite heavy to package. A lighter package serves better for traveling purposes.

The size, and purpose of your motorcycle, as well as your pocket size, should also be your determining factors when choosing the perfect motorcycle cover. 

Popular search and customer ratings, especially in 2023, have shown brands such as XYZCTEM All-Season Motorcycle Cover, Dowco Guardian WeatherAll Plus Motorcycle Cover, and the Nelson-Rigg Defender All-Weather Half Cover, provide the best options for motorcycle covers.


Generally, professional attention and maintenance for your motorcycle can be demanding. Complete avoidance or slowing down wear and tear for your motorcycle is a huge responsibility that you most definitely want to take as seriously as the passion for owning it.

General maintenance starts with proactive protective measures, which are hugely provided for, first and foremost, by the external feature called motorcycle cover. Invest in one now.


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