How Does Garbage Disposal Work? A Quick Guide

How Does Garbage Disposal Work?

When thinking of essential kitchen appliances, a garbage disposal should be on your list.

This device is a powerhouse and keeps your efficiency in the kitchen as high as ever. Invented in 1927 by John W. Hammes, this device has stayed relatively the same over the years and has made it into just about every kitchen.

This device allows you to make cleanup go by much quicker, and honestly, once you install one, you’ll wonder why it took you so long. Keep reading to find out the question we’ve all asked, how does a garbage disposal work?

What Is a Garbage Disposal?

A garbage disposal is a mechanism that you can find underneath your sink attached to the drain. Its purpose is to help during clean up, and when turned on it cuts up things like meat and veggies into small bits and pieces.

This ensures that the food doesn’t clog the plumbing system and even helps it biodegrade more quickly. You will spend less time scraping your dishes in the trash.

How Does a Garbage Disposal Work?

The garbage disposal is an electrical device that one plugged in can chop up your food. After installing to your sink drain and hooking it up to the necessary plumbing, make sure you plug this guy in and test it out before using it.

Once you place any food item into the grinding chamber, a blade will chop everything into small pieces. It is recommended that you run the garbage disposal for about 30 seconds with the cold water running to ensure it does its job properly.

Then, an impeller and plate system pushes the food down from the chamber towards the drain. This comes in handy because it is also hooked up to the dishwasher in most cases, allowing those food particles to exit the same way.

How to Use a Garbage Disposal

When using the garbage disposal, make sure that the water you are running is room temperature or cold before turning the device on. It is very important that you run the water before turning it on and during the grinding process.

Make sure all the food is in the chamber before turning it on to help it work quickly, and never stick your hand into the chamber unless the device is unplugged. Once everything is down the drain safely, then turn the water off. This will help flush the system at the end.

It is also important that when using it, you never stick anything like bones or utensils down into the grinding chamber, as this could cause damage to the device.

Choose Wisely

Picking out the right garbage disposal can save you a lot of heartache down the line. Doing your research and picking a trusted brand can make the process easy as cake.

Did you find the answer to how does a garbage disposal work? Check out more of our blog for more.


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