How Designers And Brands Use Instagram Live Streams To Promote Themselves

How Designers And Brands Use Instagram Live Streams To Promote Themselves

Instagram remains a popular place for promotion, especially for designers and brands, who want to impress their audience with impeccable visuals. But besides that Instagram provides many opportunities to connect with customers on a whole new level. On social media, brands can expose much more than just the catalog of their products, and win the love of many people. 

And such a valuable instrument like a Live stream on Instagram, is often underestimated, but in reality, it is a huge assistance in building your reputation, as well as improving the relationship with your clientele. In this text are collected popular ways for brands and designers to use this feature on Instagram. 

What’s An Instagram Live?

This is a special kind of content that is streamed within the platform in real-time. It is displayed at the top of the screen, in the head of the storyline. As users open the stream, they can communicate with the streamer immediately through the comment section. Also, you can collaborate with influencers or colleagues, thanks to the shared screen option. A fine addition to your arsenal is the possibility to save the streams as a replay in stories – that’s how you can buy some more attention to your brand on IG, and get the opportunity to receive live viewers for your further sessions. 

All these functions are targeted at improving the connection with the audience, which is vital for businesses nowadays. 

Why Live Streams Are Important For Business

Today, to impress the potential buyer, it is not enough to have a high-quality product. Consumers have a big variety of similar products to choose from, so such things as brand reputation and values come to the front. Users analyze the market and often make a decision about the purchase based on what they see on your social media: 

  • Visuals
  • Product reviews
  • Principles of the company
  • Personalities behind the brand

All those can be perfectly exposed on Instagram using different features of this app. And live streams are basically made for making your public image on Instagram better.

Superb Visibility 

One of the main reasons for using Instagram lives is that with the streams you can expand your visibility a lot. Firstly, that is due to the fact that the live icon appears right before the stories. Also, all your followers will receive a push notification that your stream has started. Any additional chance to remind users about yourself is good for your image.

Communication Matters

Another good reason why live streams are widely used by brands is the possibility to establish a deeper connection with their customers. Users understand that while you are on air, you have no time for whipping up a comforting answer for any question, hence they will receive genuine information. And that’s one of the key factors for brand authenticity. 

Another Tool To Build Brand Identity

Along with the bond that was mentioned above, Instagram live is a great way to have your personality exposed to the viewers. And this is highly important for having a good sales rating, mostly because of the modern diversity of products and services. Streaming is a way to meet and greet the audience, winning their attention with your motivation and inspiration, as well as throw in some personal charisma. 

Smart Methods To Use Instagram Live Sessions

Smart Methods To Use Instagram Live Sessions

Launch New Products 

This is the ultimate cool option, especially since the times of the global pandemic, that has cornered many businesses solely online. And while the danger is still upon us, setting up Instagram presentations for your newest product is a safe and effective decision. 

Prepare your audience for the presentation – begin promoting your upcoming live session with the help of Stories and feed posts, reminding your customers and fans that soon enough they can join your event freely. 

Invite Guests For An Interview

First of all – why not? If you know someone who would be interesting for the audience, feel free to ask them for an interview, in an online format or a real-time meeting. This way you will provide valuable content for your public and earn more respect and interest in your product. The interview doesn’t have to be devoted to the items or your business, but it still has to remain within the relevant range of topics for your niche. 

Host A Q&A Event

This format is highly recommended as an ice breaker for small brands. For consumers, it is an unlimited chance to ask anything that might have concerned them and get the answer – unpolished yet useful. Hosting a stream dedicated to the things that concern your buyers is always a good idea because that’s how you demonstrate that you are ready to solve problems and take care of your customers. 

Reveal Something About Your Industry 

Instagram Live can turn into a wonderful excursion and sharing of experience with your audience. Practically all possible industries have specific events to participate in. So, let your viewers sneak a peek at how things are. Turn on the streaming model as you find something interesting and valuable for your viewers and what you would wish to share, 

If your brand is involved in common events (festivals, exhibitions) as a sponsor, that is also a reason to go live on IG and entertain your followers. 

Create Tutorials 

Yup, an Instagram Live session can turn into an exclusive workshop! Such a format is even better than simply uploading a tutorial video to the feed or IGTV because it gives users more space and freedom. And you get more control over the actions and a possibility to correct mistakes in real-time form.

Some Practical Tips On Launching And Running A Live Session

Some Practical Tips On Launching And Running A Live Session
  • Before actually going live on Instagram, take some time for practising. There is no space or time for redoing the stream, so it would be much better if you have your speech trained and logical.
  • Set up the light so you look decently in the frame. Remember that live format can drop the video quality, thus good lighting can save you some trouble with that. 
  • Control the conversation with a premise scenario. Although live streaming is all about real-time conversation, it will be much more effective to develop a plan that will help you to keep up with the theme and steer the stream where you want to. 


Instagram Live is an incredibly powerful instrument for business – it helps to establish brand reputation and find points of connection with the audience. Use this form of content if you want to get more out of your Instagram account.


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