How a Lockbox Helps Real Estate Agents

How a Lockbox Helps Real Estate Agents

It’s not an easy task to represent any property and work as a real estate agent. While the job requires full-time attention, you can start a career with a bit of relaxation too. A lockbox is something that can ensure your requirements.

Lockbox is the tool through which you can keep your property safe all the time. How does lockbox help real estate agents? An excellent question to arise! Let’s go through the article to find the answer.

What is a Lockbox?

A lockbox is a box that holds the keys of any property. There is both manual and technical lockbox in the market. Usually, realtors find it more effective and comfortable to use an advanced lockbox. If you are using one of the best realtor lockbox, in the market, supra showings how to send signals and mail automatically to your smartphone through an eKey app, if anyone tries to intrude on your property. It will gather all the information about the intruder too.

Usually, a lockbox is connected to the smartphone through an app. To access the keys within the lockbox, you will need the password. And this password, only the agent and the seller/buyer of the property will know.

So, how does this piece of technology help real estate agents?

The answer is straightforward. A lockbox keeps the real estate agent safe by helping in the following ways:

1. Provide information

When the property has a lockbox, anyone can’t just come to the house and get in. To do this, they will need a key, and that key will be preserved in a lockbox. They can only access the key through a microprocessor. And that can be done through the App.

A realtor and the owner of the property can get access to the password and key. So, when any other person tries to intrude, the lockbox will automatically record all the information in its web server.

Not only for the intruder, but it will also record all the information of those people who have got access to enter the property. Thus, for any future occurrence, this simple technique will make you ready fully. It will always be there as proof.

2. Ensure Safety

When the owner or any realtor is not present on the property, and it is vacant, something should be there to ensure the safety of the property. Lockbox is the most effective way to provide security to any vacant property.

You can think of it as your virtual guard. Not only will it protect your piece of property all the time, but it will also notify you if any outsider tries to enter there. The App which is connected to the lockbox will get the process done. Even, you will get an email regarding the intruder too!

3. Easy to control remotely

It is not possible to be present on the property physically all the time. The most amazing fact is that a lockbox makes the process for the real estate agent and the owner of any property much more comfortable. It helps to maintain the safety of the property remotely.

In this case, all you need is to connect the lockbox to your smartphone. Even when you are trying to show the property to any specific person, you can do it remotely. All you have to do is, talk to them, get the visiting time fixed, and manage the lockbox right after it provides you with any notification.

4. Maintains Secrecy

While as a real estate agent, you will start using lockbox, it will provide you with enough confidentiality. Typically, people place Lockbox in a place that only a limited amount of people know. It can be the backdoor; it can be the other side of the property.

So, as only the real estate agent and the owner of the property get to know the place of the lockbox and its password, the information becomes secret and very tough to crack.

5. Makes Customers Happy

A simple lockbox is way more costly than you can think. Usually, customers don’t want to buy it. So, it will make your customers very happy if you provide this service to them for free. It will add an extra wing to your career.

6. Multiply Trust

As you are providing a lockbox to your customer, it will get you and your customers more engaged. Besides, it will enhance the trust between you two. Because trusting a real estate agent fully through a key is something vital if you want to work in this industry for a long time.

So, are you a real estate agent? When are you buying a lockbox for your own?


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