A Home-Services Checklist for New Homeowners

A Home-Services Checklist for New Homeowners

Buying a new home is an exciting time in a person’s life. The opportunity to gain ownership over a high-ticket investment like a brand-new property is a milestone most people look forward to throughout their lives. Of course, things can get a little hectic when undergoing the home closing process with an impending move on the horizon.

Most real estate agents will tell you upfront that you need to stay organized during the buying process. If you don’t, you may neglect essential checklist items. Should you fail to complete specific move-related tasks when relocating to your new house, you may find yourself in the epicenter of home-buying chaos. Some of these inconveniences could lead to delays in your official move-in date. 

To help you avoid missing critical tasks, and prolonging your move-in date, here’s a checklist of six essential service-related items you’ll want to address as soon as physically possible. Whether it’s your first home or one in a series of many, there’s no excuse for these rookie mistakes. Do your research and prepare accordingly for your big move. 

Pest control

As part of the closing process, the seller will assume the responsibility of making sure the house receives an inspection for pest-related issues and possible infestations. The closing documents should describe the home’s current condition in-depth. At this point, new homeowners can only hope these issues have been addressed or will be addressed before their designated move-in date. 

Going forward, the responsibility for pest control falls on you as the new homeowner. Though you may be juggling (and simultaneously troubleshooting) other service issues, the early days of homeownership would be the ideal time to find a pest control service for monthly treatment applications. A top-rated pest control company like GreenHow is an invaluable resource for keeping your home free of disease-transmitting insects and rodents.


While seemingly obvious, you may need a reminder that you can’t move into a new residence without up-and-running utilities. Unfortunately, a large percentage of new homeowners forget to contact utility companies before their move-in date to get service converted. Given the importance of this task, it’s understandable why closing packages usually include contact numbers for utility services.

Just in case you are a first-time homeowner, you need to concern yourself with the following utility services: water/sewage, electricity, landline phone, trash pickup, and gas.


Don’t underestimate how much time it’ll take to install your cable/satellite TV service. Depending on your home’s location, there may be as many as four or five TV service providers available. Their pricing programs and range of viewing options make the selection process even more difficult.

While your water, electric, and gas services require nothing more than the flip of a switch, the cable/satellite provider may need to wire your home, connect your devices to the network, and make necessary modifications when faced with system errors. 

If your budget allows, moving into your new home might be the time to consider opting for solar energy panels. Initially, you may incur a hefty cost, but the energy savings and eco-friendliness make solar energy well worth the investment. Not to mention, these solar panels can power your 50’ flatscreen. 


As we near the end of the year 2020, it’s finally reached the point where home isn’t a home without the Internet. If you play your cards right and choose the right cable company, these cable services might come with Internet service, as well. If you prefer, you can have the opportunity to segregate the services to get the optimum choice for each.

No one understands your internet needs more than you do. When you reach the internet decision-making process, you’ll want to make sure you get what you want. It would be a good idea to talk to neighbors and see if any particular service is better than the others.

Landscape maintenance

When you bought the house, you likely bought it “as is.” Upon move-in, new homeowners will likely want to modify these outdoor spaces. If you’re interested in updating your landscape, choosing a landscaping company known for its high-quality landscape maintenance will kill two birds with one stone and lift the burden of having to mow your lawn off your shoulders.


In terms of your housekeeping needs, this will depend on your current lifestyle and tax bracket. If you’re a person of means, you might want to consider hiring a live-in housekeeper. If that’s not practical or financially feasible, you might still want to hire a service to come in at specified intervals and clean your house.

When searching for reputable housekeepers and cleaning services, consult your neighbors for referrals, especially if you’re new to the area. Remember, these word-of-mouth recommendations are invaluable tools when searching for well-reviewed cleaning services. 

When searching for a housekeeper that checks off your must-haves, you’ll need to perform a background check as a final screening tactic. After all, these people will likely be working in your home while you’re away at work.

Final thoughts

To ensure your home is move-in ready, follow the steps mentioned above. With just a few quick calls and online searches, you’ll have cable, Internet, and utilities up-and-running, not to mention a well-maintained lawn and sparkling living spaces.


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