Some Modern Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Tweak the Aesthetics and Safety of Your House

Some Modern Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Tweak the Aesthetics and Safety of Your House

Light and shadows play an important role in setting the mood and ambiance of any place. Using the right lighting for a place can dramatically change the look of the same and tweak its aesthetics. Plus, lights are also what guide you home and make your abode safe. It is not without any reason that dark alleys see the highest crime rates. Homes that are not illuminated well fall prey to burglars and criminals of sorts, because it is easy to break into a house that does not have optimal lighting. Most often than not, sunlight and moonlight work as the best sources of light for our homes. And while they can multiply the aesthetics of any place, they might not suffice when it comes to the lighting needs of your house.

You will need external sources of light to beautify not only your place of residence but also enhance the security of the same. On that note, let us look at some of the best outdoor lighting ideas that can transform the look of your house while keeping it safe from burglars and thieves. Your balconies, porches, backyards, and gardens are the places that require appropriate lighting measures. Therefore, without any further ado, let us now delve into the discussion and learn a bit about some modern outdoor lighting options.

Recessed Lights in the Ceiling

Recessed lights can make for a brilliant outdoor lighting option if you want something very subtle yet chic. You can use this as overhead lighting or in the backyard. All you need to do is fix these lights right into the ceiling so that they can shine on you without making it obvious. White recessed lights can blend in well with the ambiance of your house or garden and tweak the feel of the place. And the best thing about this kind of light is that you will not even notice its presence. Recessed lights are now being increasingly used in houses that want a subtle yet elegant do-over.


As we already mentioned at the beginning of the article, outdoor lights have more value than just transforming the look of your house. Setting the ambiance of your house is, of course, a major utility of outdoor lights. But that is not all that they are designed to do. Outdoor lighting also helps in reducing break-ins and thefts in your house and protects your house by adding safety and security to it. Keeping in mind the said features of outdoor lighting, many people these days are also opting for built-in downlights.

Built-in downlights help brighten up the path that you have chosen to fix them onto while also complementing the overall look and feel of your house. One way to use downlights to the best of their abilities is by placing them at regular intervals to avoid cluttering the space. You could also place these lights on the face of the stairs so that you only have to see them while climbing up.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are one of the best kinds of lights to ramp up the exteriors of your house. However, you can also use them in your balconies to tweak up the ambiance of the interiors. You can use a metallic pendant in your backyard or on the balcony that can help your house achieve an organic look. However, if you are to keep things a tad subtle, make sure that you use natural elements like cotton, burled wood, or rattan to complement the pendant light. When used optimally, this kind of light can transform the exteriors of your house, and therefore, it is advisable that you call on some outdoor lighting professionals likeย Unique Outside Lighting Ideasย to get help with the installation of these lights.

Hurricane Candles

Candles have the quality of providing soft lights and can immediately transform a place into a romantic setting. Hurricane candles have been inspired by this and can instantly turn your house into a setting for friendly reunions and romantic proposals. This type of lighting comes in as a welcome relief for the times when you want to cook an evening meal in your backyard and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. In case your outdoor kitchen cabinets are carved out of cypress wood and decorated with plenty of tropical flowers, hurricane candles can provide the area with soft and romantic lighting.


Another option that you can consider for outdoor lighting is that of floodlights. Houses that have a slat roof cannot install recessed lighting. Therefore, the option that homeowners of this kind of roof have at their disposal is that of installing floodlights. You can install floodlights in the most minimal manner possible. One of the best ways to install floodlights is by securing the frame of the outdoor dining space with these lights. You can also opt for minimal black designs to complement the lighting technique.

Floodlights might not be able to provide soft and romantic lighting like hurricane lights and recessed lights. But they are the best option when it comes to the safety and security of your house. These lights secure the front doors and the driveways, and other areas of your backyard and garden. You can even set these lights up with sensors which shall lead them to light up as soon as any movement is detected within the space.

Tree Pendants and String Lights

Tree pendant lighting does not come with many security benefits for your house, but they are definitely the best option when it comes to ramping up the aesthetics of your backyard. You can hang these lanterns on your trees in the backyard and dial up the aesthetics of your garden a few notches. As we said, tree pendants do not have much security to add to your house or backyard, but if you are seeking to enliven your garden area or outdoor space, these might be just the right option for you. Add some magic to your evening with these lights, and enjoy a romantic dinner under the bright canopies.

You can also use string lights to make your garden a part of your house. String lights work best when you have a small house and a smaller garden area. This type of outdoor light can help you extend the surface area of your house by making your garden an extension of your house. You can enjoy intimate dinners in this outdoor seating area with twinkling string lights shining brightly on you and your loved ones.

Floor Lamps

You can liven up your backyard seating space by opting for floor lamps. Installing floor lamps in the garden or your backyard can transform your garden into an outdoor living space. However, you must be careful to keep the lighting in tandem with nature. You do not want to replicate your living room in the garden since that can feel over-the-top and ruin the ambiance of your house.

No matter what you do, be careful to keep the lighting as subtle as possible and inspired by natural elements so that you do not ruin the ambiance of your garden or backyard. Ensure that your outdoor space is equipped to install a floor lamp. In case, it is not equipped, make sure that you call the electricians and get the connection made so that you can redecorate your outdoor space with beautiful floor lamps.

Pool Lights

Pool lights not only beautify your swimming pool but also bring in significant changes to the entire house. These minimal changes can transform the overall look of your house and the backyard where your pool is built. They act as a welcome relief during night-swims and make the swimming experience wholesome and much more enjoyable. Pool lights, too, can ramp up the security of your backyard since they light up the entire backyard and not just the pool and ward off burglars, thieves, and other criminals.

Chandeliers and Underglow

We might have gone a bit too far with the idea of installing chandeliers in your outdoor space, but this is an idea worth considering. You can glam up your outdoors and add some royalty to your space by installing a chandelier. There are several options that you can consider while getting a chandelier for your outdoor space. You could opt for a more modern and chic chandelier or go full traditional with it. Chandeliers light up the entire space, whether indoors or outdoors, and make your living space look surreal. However, there is also the aspect of security that you must consider while opting for a chandelier. Your chandelier can easily be stolen if you install them outdoors. Therefore, only if you are up for the risk, go for this outdoor lighting option.

You could also try out underglow lighting for your backyard to add a chic and sultry makeover to the space. Underglow lighting sets the mood of the space instantly, and rightfully makes for mood lighting. You could install the lights on the benches in your backyard and witness your outdoors become ethereally beautiful.

Garden Lights

One of the simplest ways to transform your garden area with lighting is by opting for garden lights. Garden lights require minimal investment and change the overall look of your garden. This simple lighting technique can be opted by anyone who wants to highlight their gardening skills even when the sun sets beyond the horizon. A few spotlights or tiny torches planted across your garden immediately add a soothing effect and bring your gardening to life in the late evenings and at night โ€“ perfect for if the kids want to go camping in the backyard.


Sconces can never go out of style. Even at a time when we have a hoard of modern and chic outdoor lighting options, sconces shall always stay in vogue. This form of lighting comes in like a breath of fresh air, especially when your backyard sitting space does not have any overhead structure. You do not have to worry about not being able to install recessed lights or other options that we discussed in this article. You can fix a bright sconce instead and light up the entire scene. Lantern-style sconces are much in vogue these days, and you might want to try them out for your backyard.

Wrapping Up

This long and elaborate discussion proves the point that optimal lighting can transform the look of your house like nothing else. However, you must make sure that you choose the right lighting option based on the type of your house and the total surface area. The aforementioned lighting options are just a few of the many ideas that you can consider while deciding on the kind of lights you can install in your outdoor space. Feel free to read up a bit more about unique and modern outdoor lighting ideas, and opt for the one that you feel compliments your home the best. You can find more ideas about outdoor lighting here atย Artika Lightingย too.


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