Home Design Tips – Floating Stairs Provide More Utility Than Just Style

Home Design Tips - Floating Stairs Provide More Utility Than Just Style

Do you have a two-story residence? If yes, then you know the relevance of the correct stairs in between the two stories. Some homeowners opt-in for the basic staircase, while saying yes to the floating stairs that they customized as per their requirement. However, when you add this type of staircase, it is less about making a fashion statement. It actually provides multiple other advantages that most homeowners overlook.

What are the floating stairs?

Simply put, the floating stairs don’t require any assisting structure for holding the steps in place. Based on the building code, installing handrails might be necessary. One of the reasons why it gets termed as floating stairs is mostly because of their looks. The steps seem to be floating almost in mid-air. To know more about this, you can check out escaliers flottant de Battig Design.

Even if you are inspired by some of the most extreme and stunning staircases around the world, the advantages and various features and benefits of a floating staircase can be an essential addition to your home because:

It adds a striking accent to your home design

A customized floating staircase has much more to provide than a conventional staircase. It adds a dramatic touch to your space and gives your home a distinctive look. It garners attention and can become a focal point, similar to a centerpiece it is a statement piece within your home.

They open the room up and improve views

Usually, a conventional staircase blocks views on other sides. It also prevents getting a direct view from one place to the next. Floating stairs work in a way that doesn’t block interior view in the space. It actually frees up more interior room an provides an enhanced ambiance where it appears that you have more ample space as well. It works very well when you have a boxy design with a lot of extra space to work with as well.

It creates extra interior space for decor

Based on the floating stairs location and your requirements, you can make use of the area beneath as your staircase for furniture and décor placement. It works perfectly to create additional interior design opportunities within a property, and you are searching for a suitable space to place all those extra items. You will have more options to get it done without any space cluttering and other issues. You might have a floating staircase that gets designed in a way for maximizing the space and also develop an extra display space underneath.  

Once you have decided on getting a new customized floating staircase, you can contact a service provider to discuss your exact requirements and preferences. It will help them work better. Every staircase gets made based on individual needs and wants. Hence, you may be able to get all that you want without compromising on the quality and essence of the floating stairs or you can even install a spiral floating set of stairs in a much more traditional set-up. Today, with the assistance of an expert service provider, the options are many and the results are sure to impress.


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